Blackberry handset purchased from Reliance Communications outlet.

Posted on Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 1:32am CDT by bfdef7b8

Company: Blackberry handset purchased from Reliance Communications outlet.

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The Manager

Customer Care

Reliance Communication

Sub: - Blackberry handset purchased from your outlet.


I wish to say that I have purchased a Blackberry 8703E handset from

your outlet Reliance Communication Franchisee, Arvind Traders, G-1, G-2

Geetanjali Towers, Opp. 4 Number Dispensary, Ajmer Road, Jaipur-302006 Ph.

No. 0141-3120160 (A Web World Express) on 12th June 2008 refer to

Cash/Credit Memo Number 2324 by paying an amount of Rs. 14990. I am facing

hell lot of problems with this handset and suspect that it's not new handset

and is rather a used and returned piece.

Please find below the details of the problems I'm facing: -

1) Network goes every now and then thus calls get disconnected and

internet services get disconnected.

2) There is no data cable in box which I have got but as per manuals it

should be there.

3) The box seal was not opened in front of me.

4) The desktop software CD provided is having a lot of scratches on it

which shows that it's also a used CD.

5) Whenever there is a call to my mobile many times all of the

functions doesn't work like even though I have saved the Name and number to

my address book name doesn't appear on screen along with number if I get a

call, sometimes Activate speaker phone option doesn't come even if I'm on a

connected call, conference call option doesn't come when I have 2 calls on

my handset, reply to all option doesn't come when I try to reply a mail.

6) Moreover there are scratches on Handset and holster which clearly

shows that it's a used handset.

7) When I bought this mobile its battery was completely down so I

couldn't see all these things in the outlet itself thus cannot launched a

complaint that time it self. And moreover good image of the salesman doesn't

intend me to do so.

8) I am quite satisfied with reliance services and using it since last

5 years and that's why I decided to go along with it and purchased this

business mobile so being a good customer I request you to change my Handset

and provide me a new seal packed handset.

9) When I charged the handset and checked it at home it was showing me

7:48:59 Hours of usage on the first date. Also Owner information was saved

by name of Hawa Singh Choudhary which also clearly shows that it was a used

handset. When I asked the sales person they told me that many customers ask

us to show the functions of phone and that's why we have to do it. I can

still accept this thing but call log showing 8 hours of usage is not at all


All of the above mentioned things were already addressed to Mr. Dinesh from

Reliance Communications Blackberry Jaipur division. He has proved to be a

great help to me from his side but he also have some limitations if his

seniors doesn't agree with him. When I contacted sales person from Arvind

traders they were rude to me and there intentions were not good showing that

they don't at all care about this. Such franchisee will let down the image

of Reliance and Blackberry which can be a very crucial thing in this world

of cut throat competition. So it's my humble request that on basis of all

above mentioned generic reasons change my handset or return me my money so

that I can discontinue services from reliance and buy a new Blackberry

handset from some other services. Also find attached the copy of bill

provided to me at the time of purchase. Please do the needful at the

earliest so that I don't have to take any legal step. I'm feeling bugged up

by all this and need your help otherwise I have to take some strong step

against it by some legal means.

Thanks & Regards

Sukumar Singh

Manager-Technical Support

iTG Software Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Cell : +91-9352535553

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edad8b71, 2009-02-22, 12:04PM CST

Dear Mr.Singh,

Well, its all in vain. I do not discourage your followup with Reliance, but my past experience says, its useless to follow up bcz there is no one who will really address to your issue.You are an individual, they do not respond to corporates well, so u no good to them. The company is more into money making without customer focus in mind. I would suggest, you terminate all services related to Reliance and do not waste ur time and opt for better service provider who r customer focused.



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