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Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 at 1:28pm CDT by 573e546d

Product: payday loans

Company: CMG Group LLc and OSL marketing

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

Cannot get information on CMG Group llc or OSL markteting services. No address or no legal Websites. CMG put 200.00 dollars in the banking account and was supposed to contact us to verify information and didn't talk to anyone. They never sent emails telling they were deducting payments on certain dates or anything. They had deducted 120.00 out of the account and CMG had no real phone number but went through a service. We finally got the number for OSL and they were really rude. We asked for a contract and they finally sent one but not after we had the bank dispute the dealings with them. We asked for an address and they said that they way we would get that was to take out bankruptcy. There are other people in the same position we are. Now OSL notified us through an email that doesn't work an said that they had sent this to AIS Services for collections. It has just been one mess after another from a company or whatever you cannot get any information about.


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4a8a7be8, 2008-08-06, 10:44AM CDT

Wow....this is almost the exact scenario I am going thru w/OSL/SSM Group LLC. They put $200 unauthorized into my account and have taken $540 from my account, plus overdrew me 2x's for an additional $50. They say they left a voicemail and sent emails, yet I never received a voicemail and the email address they have is not mine. SCAM SCAM...BEWARE TO ANYONE WHO HAS TO DEAL WITH THEM AND GOOD LUCK. I also filed a report with the FTC regarding their company and all of their aliases.

9252ff61, 2008-08-21, 05:21PM CDT

I was able to get a phone number for CMG, it is 866-516-9300.

6ffee17c, 2009-02-19, 06:09PM CST

Funny that you mention this cause I just noticed a withdraw from my account (which is misc and unknown) for 90 dollars. I went to inquire about this and couldnt find any number. I spoke with the bank and they are going to put it back but are going to investigate for me. I contacted the service and they wanted me to fax them copies of my bank account! (HECK NO) When I said this was fraud and that I didnt authorize it they advised there is nothing that they can do. The only thing is to fax them the information and they will see what they can do. What a mess, firsts off who is this company? Where are they getting our personal information from? and what the heck is going on? Any information will be greatly appreciated!

6787499c, 2009-06-18, 06:36PM CDT

I don't know if this issue has been resolved or not for you, but I am going through with the same company OSL/SSM Group LLC. PAYDAY LOANS.They put an unautorized $300 in my account on 12/09/2008 and I didn't even catch it until the bank started paying this company $90 on 12/29/2008, it was being taken out every two weeks (I get paid once a month)and I couldn't get anyone when I called and lefted messages asking who were they and how is it you have access to my checking acct. and why don't I have any paper work showing anything about you. Anyway, to make a long story short, I finally got a rep. for the SSM Group at 1-866-516-3100 1-866-463-2130 and asked who gave them permission to do this? I did remember going on line in Dec. cause I needed money for upcoming bills and Christmas, so I went through a few lenders, then, this page popped up saying I had been matched with a lender, so I filled out the info. through step 2 with the application,and when step 3 came and I saw they were only going to lend me $300 and wanted $390 back, I laughed and went to another site because that wasn't nearly the amt. I needed to borrow. I DID NOT go through the remaining two steps and authorize them to debit my acct.! I told the rep. that, and he said, and I quote, "a lot of people have been saying that, but we don't have control over who the computer sends us." end of quote!He also, said they sent me an e-mail with the contract, and I said I never received an e-mail or a contract from you guys and I said well just send it again, and do you know where the so-called contract was? In my JUNK mail!!! I was floored! Now, who would send an important document of any kind to someone's JUNK mailbox?!!! and, on top of that, the so-called original contract had inaccurate info. on me, it had that I got paid weekly,when, I know for a fact, I would never apply for anything requiring weekly payments, knowing I only get paid once-a-month! it had where someone typed my name in all lower case letters in the signature space,I don't sign my name that way! I was just too shocked to see where someone had just finished the last two steps of this form WITHOUT my permission! and, to make matters worse NO ONE CALLED and SPOKE TO ME to verify this information from me personally, before debiting my acct.!! That's why I said, they are WRONG for doing this to people and then trying to force them to pay through a collection agency! Since then, I had my bank stop payments because, they have gotten way over the so call $390 that they said I owed them! Now they have turned my name over to a collection agency saying that I still owed them $618.53!I kept saying now Lord this isn't right how they put money in your acct. without your permission, they type your name and info. without permission, they start debiting your acct. without permission and they try to make you pay them when they are the ones who are wrong! So, Lord I need some help as to how to deal with this..., then, I saw your story, but it was dated 2008 and I need help NOW, 2009! If, you can give me any more info. as to what I should do, please pass it on! I DO NOT believe it was a coincidence that, I read your story today! And, I don't think it's right for them to get your info. and go through with something without talking to you first and letting you decide if you want their service or not, instead of making you pay for something when they have ALREADY gotten the amt. they said was owed, and even over that amt.!and, they are still not satisfied and send your name to collections! Lord help us all who are being mistreated and considered the little people weak and small! Thanks!(smile)

162d0ac6, 2009-08-14, 01:21PM CDT

number for SSM Group/OSL Marketing is 866-463-2130

803f8e90, 2009-12-16, 11:09AM CST

I have just went through this same thing with this SSM GroupLLC. They are rip off artists!! Made an unauthorized deposit and then holds over $180.00 a month. When I called the loan wasn't even in my name but had my SSN and told me that they would not stop the ACH until the loan was paid in full which is not possible unless you call them 3 days before they ACH transaction to pay it in full. BS!!!! Don't fall for it! We have a family of 7 and barely make and now they are taking my kids grocery and clothes money!!

34a18296, 2010-02-20, 12:22AM CST

have you been contacted by the national check arbitration service yet they called my work and told me that this cmg group llc was having me severed with a sommons to court for there money unless i paid 53 dollars every week can they do that after they put money in my account and did not call me to tell me it was there.and then took it right back out.

ceb043d3, 2010-04-27, 10:50AM CDT

I have been battling the exact same thing with this company. No info, forged my name on an application (last name was spelled wrong). Notified my bank to stop payment on that co and flagged them for fraud. Even put in a complain to BBB, but was closed with no resolution. Never got a contact name or phone number when I asked. All they ask is for a bank account. Sorry, not emailing a fraudelent company a bank statement!

e90b708a, 2010-05-28, 10:38AM CDT

Same thing is happening to me right now - they just put $300.00 in my account and I have NO clue when they are going to try to take it.. does anyone have ANY info on them - phone number anything?

765c0786, 2010-06-03, 03:52PM CDT

I urge anyone who is having difficulties with OSL Marketing or any of their affiliates to check with their state banking department regarding their laws for payday/small loan lenders. I recently learned that the state I live in requires that all small loan/payday lenders including interent lenders to be licensed. There is also a rate cap on these loans in my state. I had a debt with OSL Marketing which I was successfully able to fight by learning my state laws.

66116708, 2010-07-12, 04:25PM CDT

Believe it or not cmg just put 200.00 in my account. ididnt ask for it.

e3e0ee5f, 2010-09-19, 12:00PM CDT

I am just sick to my stomach reading these posts. I recently had $250.00 put into my checking acct. by this company & didn't even know it until I looked @ my online statement! They haven't take any $$ out of my acct. YET, but what can I do to stop this mess before it starts!!??? Someone please help me!!

46ee8a32, 2010-10-11, 05:09PM CDT

OSL SSM Group deposited money and forged my name on the application. I originally applied with Fast Cash and they sent it out to all these lenders. Now Fast Cash says I never went through them! OSL was supposed to reverse the deposit and didn't. I called and now they say I have to submit my bank statement. How can this company get away with this?

3f5e5769, 2010-11-19, 01:19PM CST

I'm going through the same thing. I just looked at my account and seen a debit for $60.00. When I called the number it was this same company who claimed I went on a general website and requested a payday loan. I never signed any documents with this comampany or have been contacted by this company. Now that I'm reviewing my bank statements, I see that this has been going on every two weeks for the last three months. Idk how they can do this but I'm putting an end to it now and I will be contacting everyone in my means to complain.

df7c140c, 2010-12-14, 05:03AM CST

This just happened to me too, I have $300 dollars in my account today from ssm group llc and never signed a loan from them. Unfortunately I deleted all my e-mail from payday loan people yesterday cause it was clogging up my e-mail and I have no idea what company this is.

7cc8d7a5, 2010-12-20, 11:50AM CST

They got me as well. They depsited $200 into my account without authorization, they said they left me a voicemail, but I never recieved it. They've taken about $500 or more from me.

912b8c74, 2011-01-19, 09:11AM CST

Hello everyone, I have a Credit Union and they had a number to reach this CMG Group LLC. I called and had this lady return the money they had deposited into my account. They had deposited 300 dollars. Here is the phone number to call to reach this company, option number 1. 1-866-516-3100

5c52e1c7, 2011-02-02, 10:45PM CST

Me too

aaf75a3d, 2011-02-09, 03:43PM CST

I got a loan from this place and after twice of them taking 90.00 within a month i called them. They said i would have to pay more money after the 90.00 otherwise this could go on indefinitly with no money going towards the 300.00 .This is rediculus There must be a way to find out more info on this place any one have any ideas.

6bdc37b9, 2011-04-21, 01:39PM CDT

I got money through this company legally and they will debit your account $90 everytime your payday comes around unless you fax a request to pay off the loan..which I did and had no problem. If you apply for any payday loan at all, your bank info will splattered across cyberspace for all to latch onto and suck you in. I got a call from a 812 area code number in CA, I researched and found that this company scares the crap out of you with legal mumbo jumbo and causes you to think you have a payday loan in delinquency and you give up bank info just to get them off your they use a ficticous law firm to make you feel like Johnny Law is coming to your door.

19a06a6c, 2011-04-27, 08:19AM CDT

If anyone wants to do the payday lending, you have to go through the LLC, whichevr group DIRECTLY!!!Ive been using SSM for a while. T You have to pay in full by the paydate or you get charged an extra 60. Also if you do not fax them with a letter of intent to pay,at least two days before your payment is due, they will refinannce. It's all about the fine print. If you make enough payments on time, in full, eventually they stop the refinance charges. And the extra 60 tacked on to begin with isn't a refinance charge, but a processing charge, and is due whether or not you refinance. The number for SSM is 8664632130. it directly links you with the company. If you go through the lender referral sites, they might as well have been signing you up for multiple loans.

603a1531, 2011-06-09, 09:13AM CDT

I applied online with a company for a payday loan and I received it,from the correct company. But nnow I wake up to check my bank account online and here is another company I never heard of depositing another$ 300. This one was unauthorized, company name is Sam group,LLC. What do I do now? How do I give it back and prevent charges?

36c0ee61, 2011-07-08, 09:17AM CDT

I had the csame problem with this company. they have taken more than 1,000 out of my checking account for a loan that I didnt approve.I wish Tjhis commpany would get busted had have to pay back everyone back that they owe.

fb74b77a, 2011-07-12, 05:36PM CDT

I applied for a loan to moneymutual , where I was then referenced to SSM Group LLC. The Loan was for 430.00, which they deposited into my account, unknowingly to me. never received any statement. Received a phone call from a Thomas Gibson, claiming to be an agent with the Florida Fraud Division, investigating various cases of fraud in Hamilton County. Then he told me that there was a potential warrant out for me for commenting fraud regarding this loan. Is this possible?

57111bf2, 2011-07-16, 12:52AM CDT

It just happened to me I had started to file for a payday loan and never completed it and come to find out SSM Group put $100.oo into my account on the 14th without my authorization. I received no email and no voicemails and never finished any applications because it is the weekend I can't get a hold of them.

920aef1b, 2011-07-29, 11:42AM CDT

The same thing happened to me for 300.00. That was in December of 2010. Tried to give it back the wouldn't take it . Now I'm paying 90.00 a month for finance charges. I owe them 380.00 for a 300.00 loan. and they are taking 90 an month so I have paid over a 1000 back already.

I called today and got this very RUDE SOB on the line and told me it was because we did not understand the terms.

I said to her that it can't be 50 ppl not understanding the terms that it was them depositing money into accounts unknowingly to the ppl inquiring about them.

16ce6e3e, 2011-10-03, 02:15PM CDT

same thing happen to me. how the only thing I know to do is close out the checking account.

120398d5, 2012-01-05, 03:41PM CST

I believe it is time for a class action. A man referring to himself as a detective left a message at my parents number claiming he was a detective and that I was wanted for questioning in the theft of a car. I called back and it was these people.

57b50943, 2012-01-10, 03:18PM CST

How do you solve this mess? I'm going through the same problem right now

229206d7, 2012-01-25, 08:01PM CST

the same thing happend to me with cmg group.. it was forwared to a lawyer william sokol. 609 704 5182 CMG IS HIS CLIENT! NATIONAL CREDIT ADJUSTERS, LLC IS THE CLIANT;; THE ORIGIANL CREDITOR IS CMG GROUP LLC 5742894

I settle with him and he was able to get the company to take the loan back..

i had found anumber for cmg group it was in my bank statement... i spoke with yolanda who " is the only one who works in that department" she wanted bank statement for proof the money was still in there. i gave her bank statement then she never recieved them/// i faxed them 3 differant tiems to her from my library.. she never got them..

but now even a year later i am getting harrasing phone calls from heavily accented men with american names they are rude n nasty and said i never paid a cent i called wiliam's office several times they tell me these people are fraud... n to 3 way a laywer next time some one from that number calls/ they harrass me n tell me i am going to jail... for an offence much like writting bad checks.. the bbb had 147 complaints on CMG. 97 just from billing and collections department...

las vegas, 2012-09-13, 10:04PM CDT


update new phone nuber for osl/cmg marketing 816.285.3400

limited options when calling the number

update new custumer service number for osl/cmg group


as of todays date 9/14/20012

8c3966b2, 2014-05-14, 03:16PM CDT

I just had the same experience, received a phone call from a Brandon Murphy about a loan I took out in November of 2012 for $430. Told me that CMG Group is who funded me the loan. I have no clue who these people are, but when I asked for written proof of the loan they got defensive and told me I was refusing to pay, when all I wanted was proof. The 3rd party collector that contacted me was ruled, always talked over me and put words in my mouth. It is May of 2014 and they are just now trying to collect on something I supposedly did a year and a half ago. Something isn't right here. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know

Angie P., 2014-10-13, 07:57PM CDT

First Hydra Fund II deposited $250 into my account UNAUTHORIZED. I closed my account and gave them the money back. That was a year ago in March. This March 2014 I received a call from my husband saying I needed to call an collections company, Alliance. I called and they were very rude, bullies, and threatening claiming I opened an online payday loan through SGQ processing. Nope I didnt and refused to accept and BS they dished out. Then just last week, October 8th 2014 not only did I get a call from a ' retainer locator officer of the state', Monica Hardy claiming I have complaints, a case filed in my county my husband, mother, and mother in law also did. Monica Hardy said I have the right to call original collector, gave me a number and case number. Regency collections, very rude, bullies, and threatening claiming they are collecting for a SSM group online Payday loan. THREE DIFFERENT ONLINE PAYDAY LOANS ARE CLAIMING THEY DEPOSITED $!! The best part, they are claiming they deposited AFTER i closed said account. IT IS ALL A SCAM!!! Oh and Ms Hardy claimed public files, ive checked my counties public files, NOTHING!!!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and also MY FRIEND the detective from my city called and they were SOOOOOOOOO tongue tied!!!

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