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Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 at 2:50pm CDT by 4d34a8e3

Product: 8'x8' Bouncer Product Number: 452H

Company: Little Tikes

Location: MGA Entertainment 16380 Roscoe Blvd Van Nuys, CA 91406 USA
Van Nuys, CA, 91406, US


Category: Other

We purchased a Little Tikes Bouncer for Christmas 2007. The Bouncer did not inflate correctly, so we contacted Little Tikes (as directed on the package, we were not to contact the reseller). When you call Little Tikes, you must leave a message. Eventually our call was returned. We were told that we could obtain a new bouncer if we defaced the original (with an authorization code) and send photos of the defaced bouncer along with a scan of the receipt to their customer service department. Well all of this happened in January/February 2008. It is now June 2008 and we have not yet received a replacement. We have received 2 phone calls from CS and 2 emails stating the bouncer is on its way. The last contact from them was March 5th 2008 (from Madelayne Ojeda) where we were told that a new bouncer would arrive in a few weeks. It has now been 17 weeks (!) since that comunication and no new bouncer. Several f/u calls (unanswered) and about 15 emails have subsequently remained unanswered.

ADDENDUM: We received a replacement Bouncer today (June 21st). Shipping date was June 18th, the date this was posted. Looks like it worked!


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