GE Adora Washing Machine

Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2008 at 7:56am CDT by 559bfc00

Product: GE Adora front loading Stackable Washer

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Location: US

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A little less two years ago we purchased a set of GE Adora stackable Washer and Dryer about Six months after purchase the washer started acting up when it would drain and spin it would just run away with itsself and sounded like a jet plane coming thru the house and it would not spin the water out of a small load clothes items were still dripping wet when cycle was done A tech came out and told my wife this was normal and that these washers were not designed to do small loads needless to say two months out of warranty the pump and Mother Board went out after about eight weeks in the shop we finally agreed to pay for labor and service charge and GE supplied the parts to fix the washer since it was on record we had service out to look at it twice while it was still under warranty and they kept telling us nothing was wrong with it Well three months after being fixed it started acting up again with the same symptoms as the first time called a tech out and he said he couldn't find anything wrong well needless to say three more months The washer has quit again same as first time I've tried to get them to replace it since its obviously has a problem tha just replacing parts is not going to fix GE wants us to pay labor again and they supply parts I'm not throwing more money in this machine with its traCk record So we are out a 800 dollar machine after less thaN 2 years and we have to find another that will accept the dryer on top and it won't be a GE I think a Wirlpool will work but I advise anyone to avoid GE appliance becaues all their interested in is the sale not their product reputation


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ba4dd8db, 2008-10-05, 09:30PM CDT

I bought a GE Adora November of (07). I hate it. Our clothes started to smell like mold. I do laundry everyday. Things never sit in the wash. I love my clothes to smell great. I could never get that smell with this machine. I finally started looking around inside and found mold on the rubber part inside and when I pulled out the draw that the laundry soap goes in, there was mold in there. I have to wipe down the inside rubber part after just about every use to keep the mold out. Once a week I take the draw out and wipe the inside out. I NEVER had to do so much up keep on a washing machine. I would not recommend this product to anyone!

53ab844d, 2009-01-23, 12:28PM CST

My wife and I purchased a GE Adora Washer and Dryer 1 year 3 monthes ago. The washer got off ballance and it would not drain. The washer was still level so I didnt know why it was bouncing around like it was. We got on line to try and find a solution to our problem. Like many others it was all becouse of the filter behind the front panal of the washer. After cleaning the filter it still would not drain, so we called GE and got a tech. to come look at it. He confermed that it was the filter that was the problem, and becouse of the filter being stoped up it had burned the pump up. The cost for laber and a new pump was about $250.00. I called GE custemer care at 1-800-386-1215 and posted my complaint about the washer, and how this is a problem many people are having. They said they would take care of the cost of the pump that is only $60.00 of the $250.00, so I called the 1-800 # back again and told them I was not paying $190.00 dollars for labor becouse this is a known problem. They said i was responsable for the laber charges. I have not paid for the laber and dont plan to. If anyone has this problem please do the same and lets make a stand.

92be7a17, 2010-07-26, 10:25AM CDT

Clean your lint filter. Helpful instructions here:

5de60d1f, 2010-12-14, 12:40PM CST

I too purchased a GE Adora Front Load washer.No matter how level you get it will always bounce back and forth. Small medium or large loads still bounce bounce bounce. Now it does not pump the water out. Door locks unlocks and hours go by and still nothing. I have followed everyones instructons and filled my floor with water to clean my lint filter out to no avail. The pump runs but does not pump. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GE FRONT LOAD!!

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