Global Travel Shield - American Express Travel Insurance Ripoff

Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2008 at 9:56pm CDT by df4151a1

Product: Travel Insurance

Company: Global Travel Shield

Location: P.O. Box 792
Golden, Co, 80402-0792, US


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I can't believe American Express underwrites this activity. My parents have the highest regard for American Express but they are not doing a good job having Global Travel Shield Insurance underwrite their travel insurance. My father had to have prostate surgery on March 17th at 7 a.m., then emergency surgery and 11:00 p.m. that same day. They had to cancel a cruise on April 5th due to the possibility of additional bleeding. The doctor told him not to travel for thirty days.

On March 20th they called their American Express representative to cancel the trip and to Global Shield from whom they had purchased trip cancellation insurance. The cruise line was very nice and returned 25% of their money, but they were not given any money back from the insurance company.

We sent all of the papers to them return receipt requested, they signed for them on April 22nd. About May 20th a call from them said they never received them. About May 28th, when my parents called, they said they just "found" the papers. If there were any problems they said they would call in two days.

Today, June 5th, my dad spoke to them. These are the stories they received:

1. Your claim was $ 140 too much- you don't have Pre-Existing because your trip was more than the insurance.

2. The doctor wrote something wrong on his form.

3. You didn't sign up in time for Pre-Existing conditions. (Their insurance was bought on June 20, 2007, within 3 days of their booking the trip on June 17th at a cost of $397 it was confirmed.)

What is Global Shield trying to do? Not give back what is rightfully theirs? They followed all the directions given them. They sent registered mail all credit card receipts, doctor's forms, hospital papers, everything requested! What do senior citizens need to do besides what they are doing, have an attorney? This is no small amount of money to them.

If anyone out there has ever had a problem with Global Travel Shield/ American Express not honoring their commitment please contact us as we are contemplating initiating a class action suit. [email protected]

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166cfe69, 2008-06-17, 02:59PM CDT

Global Travel Shield is an insurance company and they operate as such. They under no circumstances go out of their way to not pay on claims assuming everything was submitted correctly. In fact, they pay claims that probably shouldn't even be paid at times as a "gift" to card members. If the claim was being denied or greatly delayed it is because all the information was not submitted, or it was submitted incorrectly.

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