Warehouse Furniture outlet - Warehouse Furniture outlet, Victorville, ca Bait and Switch Mattress

Posted on Sunday, June 15th, 2008 at 9:37pm CDT by 5b80110c

Product: orthopedic II mattress

Company: Warehouse Furniture outlet

Location: 14689 Valley center dr unit f

Category: Stores, Shopping

In June of 2008, I took my 90 yr old Grandma to Warehouse Furniture Outlet to pick out a a new mattress and box spring set for her new residence. Ricky was our salesperson. We asked to see the ones they had on display outside, since they were on sale. Instead he showed us the more expensive sets, like pillow top and memory foam. Grandma told him she didn't want any of that type, just a semi firm mattress. She tested all the one he showed us, again telling him she wasn't interested in them. Finally he showed us one she liked, and said for the set, with frame, was $290.00. We told him my husband would be in the next few days to pick it up. When Grandma and my husband went back in, he showed her the one she was getting , but it was a different brand. She said it was the wrong one, but he said they were all the same with different labels. She tested it, and again said it didn't feel the same, but he told my husband this was the one she wanted, so they took it and set in up in her new room. We went to put the sheets on, and I noticed the mattress was different, so we went back to the store, and I went inside to the mattresses, Ricky came over, and I told him it was the wrong one. He said that was the one she wanted. I said no, she liked the Orthopedic, and then he said, well, she is a old confused lady. I told him that she was not, she is very sharp for 90, and she told him several times it was wrong. Then I pointed out that the full price on the Elegant brand was about 40.00 cheaper that the Orthopedic brand, so how could they be the same. He told us to bring it back. We did return it, and I gave my receipt to one of the employees since Ricky wouldn't help us,and the first one they gave us was dirty and the bag was torn. I had my husband go get a newer one. When we left, they wouldn't give us the receipt back, they said I didn't give it to anyone, but I paid by credit card, so that will be enough if I have another problem. Watch out for this salesperson, Ricky. He did a bait and switch on a cheaper set, and then tried to blame it on a little old lady.


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