Diggers Pool Services Inc. - Linerworld.com False Advertising

Posted on Saturday, June 14th, 2008 at 12:10pm CDT by 5b6718d8

Product: Swimming Pool Liners

Company: Diggers Pool Services Inc.

Location: 14032 S. Kostner Ave Unit D
Crestwood, il, US

URL: http://www.linerworld.com

Category: Other

I purchased a Liner from this website back in May. When I received the liner I noticed it was a little thinner than the liner that was already in my pool, so I called the manufacturer's name that was on the box. They told me that it is not a 25 gauge virgin vinyl liner (which is what was indicated on the linerworld website)- in fact it was only 20 gauge and it was RECYCLED VINYL- none of the vinyl works above ground liners are virgin vinyl. This is not what was advertised on linerworld's website. LINERWORLD FALSELY ADVERTISES GAUGE AND QUALITY ON THERE WEBSITE. BUYER BEWARE.

They also have an ebay store too- they go by "Shop The Great Backyard"



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65996f78, 2008-06-26, 12:28PM CDT


6217aa1e, 2010-02-10, 08:57AM CST

I was just about to purchase a liner from linerworld and then I saw this post. I decided to look more closely to the terms and conditions on Linerworld.com's site. They say the following:

"Specifications of pool liners for the purpose of this agreement are defined here: Pool liner size and shape are approximations and not considered exact measurements. Liner gauge is considered as Liner Worlds description of what is good quality and what is better than good quality. More specifically, 20 Gauge means: Liner Worlds definition or opinion of what is good quality & 25 Gauge means: Liner Worlds definition or opinion of what is better than good quality. These are not mathematical definitions or definable for purpose of this agreement, except that it is Liner Worlds opinion. If you are ordering / purchasing a pool liner you are doing so based on Liner Worlds definitions and opinions of the pool liner specifications. You agree to give Liner World the right to define these specifications, definitions, and declarations any way they see fit, regardless of the definitions, specifications, and declarations of the manufacturer, even if the manufacturers specifications, definitions, or declarations are differing, or completely opposite of Liner Worlds definitions and opinions for the product being ordered."

and interestingly they also say the following:

"Any form of written or verbal complaint or negative feedback by customer, to any forum whatsoever, including but not limited to internet complaint forums, gives Liner World the right to sue and collect $50 per day from the date of initial complaint until such complaints are removed, in addition to attorneys fees. It I the purpose of this agreement to solve issues through correspondence first and then through a court of law and never through a complaint website or forum."

I'm not complaining, just stating the facts. Although they indeed provide one of the best prices for liners, I purchased from another source.

3c843b1c, 2010-06-02, 08:58AM CDT

I purchased a liner which seems to be a good one. Howvever I purchased coping which is not made for my pool and cannot get anyone to respond to my emails and there is no phone number. That is #30.00 for coping which cannot be used. I will no longer do business with anyone who will not respond to customers.

f487b4d2, 2010-07-07, 08:24AM CDT

I purchased a liner from linerworld and got the wrong size. I have e-mailed them for a week and have had no reply. This is the worse place to buy products. A repitable company would at least reply. They said they guarentee customer satisfaction. Not true. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

799adc6a, 2011-08-06, 03:19AM CDT

I also purchased a pool liner and not recieved it. I live in ny and they charged me sales tax even though they are based in ill. they finally got back to me via email and told me they have no order for me. RIPOFF! here their telephone # 17085985795

6cae7297, 2012-07-10, 05:28PM CDT

Liner World states in its Terms and Conditions that If you are ordering a liner "you are doing so based on Liner Worlds definition and opinion of the pool liners specifications" and it "has the right to define these specifications as they see fit even if the manufacturers specifications are completely opposite of Liner Worlds definitions for the product being ordered."

Cyndi C., 2013-06-25, 07:58PM CDT

This so called linerworld is the worse and the biggest scammers i have ever seen, i am doing research on them and they have stores on Ebay, Amazon, and there ripping people off on there and they have another store too, I refuse to let this go as they ripped off my grandma, all there web sites are false advertisement, if anybody has gotten ripped off please email me my email is [email protected]

1eaec6a2, 2013-07-26, 11:16AM CDT

I had a good experience with LinerWorld. My liner came in time and fit fine in my pool. I have not had any problems unlike the rest of you.

Sherri C., 2014-10-03, 07:18AM CDT

I accidentally ordered the wrong size winter cover for my pool. When I got on the live chat on Liner World's webpage, both Brittany and Carmen, employees there were exceedingly unprofessional and rude. And the email they sent me to give me directions on how to return the cover stated I had to pay a $25 restocking fee, plus shipping and insurance. That amount was over 50% of the price I paid for it. I just decided to keep it, use it for a tarp, and pay for a new cover from a different company. I started doing a little research about the company, wanting to complain to someone higher up than Brittany or Carmen from the live chat. Apparently you can't contact the company any other way, than email. And guess who answers all the email. That's right, Brittany and Carmen. I also discovered that three other companies use Liner World to handle online ordering for them. Diggers Pool Services, AAA pool supply and Pool Builders Supply. Now all of these companies either deny being affiliated to Liner World, or they simply try and transfer to Liner World. None will claim responsibility. The BBB give Liner World an F. Just be aware of the complaints if you order from this company. They have fast shipping though, and the product I did receive seemed adequate.

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