Posados Cafe - If you want POOR Customer Service, Go to Posado's!

Posted on Friday, June 13th, 2008 at 7:56pm CDT by 99e73c9d

Product: Mexican Restaurant

Company: Posados Cafe

Location: 9165 Mansfield Rd. Shreveport, LA 71118-3122 Corporate address: 1307 Dominion Plaza Tyler, TX 75703-1076
Shreveport, LA, 71118, US

URL: http://www.posados.com/

Category: Other

My wife and I joined her friend and sister at Posados Cafe on Mansfield road around 6:00 p.m. today. We were waited on by a waitress-in-training, and she had no tenured waitress overseeing her actions. She was absolutely clueless. She waited for us to ask her for more hot sauce and to refill our drinks. Further she got my order wrong. Normally, I give a lot of latitude when I have a new server, but this is a place my wife frequents nearly every week, and lately I have been accompanying her because I now work a different shift. The past three times, we have had underwhelming customer service and the food quality has been declining slightly. This time my food was unpalatable, namely because I think the cheese enchiladas had a different kind or brand of cheese than usual. It just did not taste like I expected from previous experiences. Further, I received queso when I ordered chili. When I asked for a cup of chili because my order was botched, the server tried to charge us for it. The server never even thanked us for our patronage or wished us a nice evening. In this age of poor customer service, I make it a point tell the manager or proprietor of the mishap, because I am spending my hard earned money. The business exists to serve me. I am not an inconvenience for them. If they want my money, I expect adequate customer service. When I receive exceptional customer service, I share my experience with others. But when a restaurant takes my money without earning it, like in this case, I make equally sure my story is heard. The likelihood of my returning to Posados is slim, and I hope others take heed if they choose to go.


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