TARGET - Target's Return Policy STINKS!!!!

Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2008 at 10:34am CDT by 5e0ffc38

Product: LEGO Star Wars set

Company: TARGET

Location: 30 Kingsland Rd
Clifton, NJ, 07014, US

Category: Other

The other day, my 18 1/2 year old son, who's a US ARMY National Guard Soldier, bought himself a Star Wars LEGO set at Target, that cost $49.99. He just wanted something mindless and fun to do because he leaves in a week for a year deployment to Iraq.

Well, he got home that evening and sets about to build the set...and the bag numbered #1 is totally missing. Which makes the set basically worthless. So, my husband and I said we'd run out quickly to Target at 9 pm, to make an even exchange for him. He no longer had the receipt because he said he only bought 2 beach towels and the Lego set...he didn't think he needed to keep the receipt, so he had tossed it out. PLUS, he paid cash.

I get up to the returns counter and the girl tells me that because its an item over $20.00, there is nothing she can do, saying that the computer locks her out if its over $20.00 without a receipt. I said, "But I just want an even exchange". I got the "sorry, there's nothing I can do". So I even explained that he's leaving in a week for a year in Iraq and that by the time I contacted the Lego Company, he'd be in Iraq! She repeated there's nothing she can do.

So I walked away...mad and near tears. Then I decided to go back and speak to a manager. She got one who came out and this guy of all about 20 years old, tells me the same thing. I had explained it all again to him-adding again, that my son was leaving on a year deployment next week to Iraq and I just wanted an even exchange for him to have something fun to do. The guy says, after I said the part about my son's deployment, "Well, THAT'S not my problem,(EXCUSE ME!!?? How DARE he say something like that about my son deploying off to war!!!) but I can't do anything about this without a receipt. Did he use a credit card?" I said, "No, he paid cash." He says, Sorry, I can't do anything. He just has to find the receipt." AFTER me telling him the receipt was thrown out!

I use to love Target and defend it to those who hated it. Now, I'm one of those too.

I WILL be sharing this story with everyone I can!


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d45d9dcf, 2008-07-08, 07:30AM CDT

Here's what you do when this happens because I think their return policy is way too rigid. Go purchase another exact Lego set and return the defective one with that receipt.

50d002da, 2010-08-11, 01:01AM CDT

You're an idiot. Because your kid is going to Iraq, he deserves a refund? If he's so awesome and brilliant, he should have kept to receipt for his 50 dollar lego set. It's not rocket science. Don't have proof of purchase? You don't get your money back!

I like how you feel the need to estimate the managers age, as if you need to be 50 years old to know how to supervise a crew at Target.

Target doesn't change their completely reasonable return policy just because your kid agreed to fight in a pointless war.

49e1e19d, 2012-05-18, 07:30AM CDT

Yes I agree their return polich stinks,

I had to return a rug and yes I had a receipt but it was 95 days and they wouldn't take back even with a receipt and not even an instore credit.

With that.... I can my business elsewhere.

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