Emirates airline - Emirates abandoned lone female

Posted on Wednesday, June 11th, 2008 at 5:18am CDT by f6677889

Product: airline

Company: Emirates airline

Location: AE

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I can not believe how bad Emirates are, this is what happend to us, is there any advice you could give us we need to make a claim but they just ignore us.

I would never fly with them they have to be the worst airline. When we

come to leave the Philippines my wife was refused to board as she did

not have her old passport with her, but she did have a copy and her

visa, income tax papers, copy of her old passport, bank statements, council tax, house bills, wage slips, p60, they abandoned her in the airport at 2am, I had to leave her

because I had no visa to stay in the Philippines. The immigration &

Embassy did not have a problem with her, they said she could go back to

the UK, they told her to demand Emirates to take her back to the UK, she came home one week later costing 300 extra, she was a lone

female in Manila no family or friends she was left to defend for herself to find a place to stay at 2am with no help. They left her

on her own did not get a taxi for her or get a hotel, she was very

frightened. She had to get protection from a security guard, Emirates

staff not helpful, very rude and thought it was fun to do this to her,

I contacted Emirates a 2 weeks later when she was home to complain, they had taken over one month too reply then to be told they do not take any responsibility for

leaving her in the Philippines or for scolding her leg when they dropped

a hot meal on her lap in the aircraft, all we asked is for them to say sorry and pay us out of pocket expenses. my wife had not seen her family for 8 years and this

was ruined by them and cost us extra 1000, big company there to just

take your money all I asked them for was to say sorry and pay out of

pocket expenses but we got nothing. sorry that my grammar is poor I am dyslexic so please bare with me.


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