allstate insurance - homeowners insurance termination

Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 at 6:14am CDT by 1e50f6c0

Product: policy

Company: allstate insurance

Location: po box 40047
roanoke, va, 24022-0047, US

Category: Other

after 10 years of continuing coverage and

never late with a premium

never filed a claim

now they refuse to renew my policy

because they say my zip code is in a

flood risk area. so much for being in

GOOD HANDS. my zip code is in the

middle of long island, new york.

maybe some publicity would help

i could use some GOOD HANDS.

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55f24232, 2008-10-01, 12:48PM CDT

I dont believe the address is correct.I believe that its a phishing scam.I recieved a letter from the same office with instructions to contact transunion.

The number they gave doesnt correspond with transunion now or in years past.DO NOT SEND ANY INFORMATION TO THAT PO BOX.


Call your local rep first.Obtain the correct number for the credit bureaus before calling them.Dont hesitate to call and tell your rep and the credit reporting agency whats happening.

Note this smells of a Jammat al fuquara

scam.They are connected to guillani and other terrorist networks.Please google it.Im not sure if this website allows links otherwise Id post one.They target

govt programs financial networks and surrounding industries.While their goal is money they also use it as a harrasement tactic.

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