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We opened a Merchant Selling Account with in February 2008. Over the two months we sold above 40 products through their website, however, we never received payments for those. In April 2008 stopped our activity, in May 2008 we received an email stating out account was suspended. When we wanted to know more and resolve the problem, ignored our effort and simply stated their decision is final and they will not even consider discussing it. Our money, of course, never made it to our account.

When we reviewed our account statement we noticed charged us percentage for each sale on their website, they automatically took the money from our account. We never got paid, we never got money for our products that got sold on!!!

We tried calling to find out what is happening only to find out the department taking care of such issues does not have a phone line, our only option is to email them and wait. So we emailed them. After a while when weve got no response, we tried emailing them again, still, no response.

Seems like only knows how to take money away, once they are the ones to pay, there is no one to take care of it, no one to pay, no one to take care of the merchant!

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1856356e, 2010-11-19, 11:08AM CST

They did nearly Exact same thing to me too! The difference in my case is that I DID reply to the A-to-Z claim within the time limit. It didn't make any difference.

The scenario was as follows: I had a customer that posted an A-to-Z claim because a CD I sent arrived damaged. I responded to the A-to-Z claim asking the customer whether they would prefer a refund or a replacement. They stated they would prefer the replacement. I sent out a 2nd CD. I didn't hear anything back from the customer so I assume they were satisfied.

A week later I got a response from Amazon A-to-Z saying they were automatically refunding the customer!

I sent them another email and they said, sorry nothing we can do. We are refunding the customer regardless of whether they return the product!


I sent the same product twice but didn't receive either one back, and didn't receive any payment for it.

This can't possibly be legal. How can a company expect you to provide free products to its customers?

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