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Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 at 3:05pm CDT by 76873d1d

Product: Maytag (Wash Machine)

Company: Maytag

Location: US

Category: Other

I would like to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the Maytag

service group. I scheduled service on my Maytag wash machine last week.

Service was expected today between 8AM-12PM. Now is 3:30PM... up to this time, no one show up!

Because I cannot took the day off from work, I left an adult person to be at my house waiting for this service. But this person who makes me a big favor, was wasting his time, his energy and missing work.

Why? I was told by the service company, A&E Factory Service, the serviceman would call when on their way to my home. We did not receive no such call by now (3:30 PM.)

Notes: I called A & E customer services: (800) 905-9505 @ 11:30AM, @ 1:00 PM and @ 3:00 PM to see what was the status of service.

They replied that the technician serviceman scheduled was finishing a call (@Howard Beach), very close to my area and I will be next; they assure me that he will be over shortly. But the last representative (phone call 3PM) said that the technician serviceman scheduled was finishing a call, have to go TO ANOTHER CALL SERVCIE and then, will be in my house .. I did not understand! Why they accomodate another new customer before me? ... Make no sense!. I start having bad feelings and I felt suspicious.. Which customer representative was giving me the right information?

I asked to speak with a Supervisor. Jennifer picked up (with no last name because she said that for security reason she is the supervisor but is not allowed to give her last name <?>) Her attitude and the tone she used to explain the delay of the serviceman was terrible!!! She NOT ONLY doesnt care about the hours we was waiting for the service, instead, she asked me if I want to reschedule. And (heard that: she informed to me that the serviceman went now to purchase supplies at Woodhaven area and to continue later with the Howard Beach appointment; When finish, he has another client to go (call #5) and then, will be my turn!!!(Now I was not the NEXT customer as previously mentioned to me; Now I was the call #6, period!). AND also, she confirmed that the technician will be working UP TO 5PM..... If he couldn't make it today probably I must have to reschedule.

This company doesnt care if we (as a customers) loss salaries or waste our time...

Ah! ALSO she said that this serviceman IS THE ONLY ONE they have to provide services in our town!!! Can you believe???? What happened if the man get sick????? They have Only ONE TECHNICIAN...No substitutes!!!! Unbelieve!!!

This type of unprofessional and unexpected answers infuriates me! Even when not able to meet their commitment, A&E offered no apologies. Wowwwww.....

NOTE: Be sure if you need their services in the future, to be patient, do not make any other plans for the day of the appointment and....don't get upset with the situation (as I did it). There is NO SOLUTIONS available...


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7e448a72, 2010-11-20, 08:05AM CST

I bought a GE Washing Machine at Lowe's with the extended warranty because my previous Maytag Washer only lasted 3 years. This GE Washing Machine has not worked properly since we got it. At any rate having mechanical problems and called the "after hrs" for Lowes extended warranty. They could not come for 2 weeks. I had my mother-in-law here waiting for them. The guy came and supposedly fixed the washer. He left my mother-in-law a card and said if in the next 30 days I am still having problems to call this number and he will come and I won't have to go through what I went before to schedule. Still had the same problems and called that number and was told "oh no" you have to call the "after hours" again and re-schedule. Why not??!! I have nothing but time, right?! I also work and find it difficult just to take off work to sit and wait and wait and wait. I scheduled for a service call again for the SAME problem as before. I was told a technician would be at my house between 8-12. My mother-in-law could not be there this time as she had a funeral. I told them to call me at work and when I got the call I would leave promptly to meet the guy as they are to call 20 mins prior to coming. That would be perfect as I was 20 minutes away. My thought--So what if they had to wait 2 mins on me..I have been waiting on them for weeks!!! I got a call at work at 10:30 a.m. from a call center rep telling me that the tech was on a call that would take a while and wouldn't be able to get to me until 1:30 ish or 2:00 and would that be okay. I said "yes", as I definately want my washer fixed. She said the tech was a ways away from me and would call promptly at leaving and that would give me plenty of time to get home before they get there. I thought--Well that works out better...even though I had been waiting all morning for him to come and rearranging things at work to be able to promptly leave. Never mind that my boss wasn't thrilled as we were short staffed. He was less thrilled when it got pushed back to the end of the day. Well at 12:30 p.m. I received a voicemail at my desk that was garbled and within 30 seconds of receiving it called the after hours service to explain did not know what the tech wanted but I was sure it was a tech as something was mumbled about tech and washer. She advised she would send the tech a message and have him call me back. I agreed. As I was getting off of the phone another voicemail dropped in. This time the message was they were just leaving their call and needed directions. Okay why was that not handled prior to this?? I never had that question before. Don't they use GPS??? I called the after hours service center again as instructed on the voicemail to give directions and was told by the rep that my service call had been cancelled. I was like "oh heck NO!" I told her I wanted to talk to her supervisor. He advised me "yes I see that you are describing to me the events exactly how they happened. I stated I want someone at my house NOW for this service call. He put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back to say. I can't do that. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! I have waited all morning for them and they could not wait 30 seconds for me to give directions. Then the supervisor said he would reschedule me for Saturday. Okay this was never mentioned to me before--they have Saturday service calls?? Never mind that I have a full schedule and work all week and my weekends are spent taking care of my household and my mothers. But here I am waiting for this service call between 8-12 on a Saturday. We will see how this turns out. If I can locate them on the BBB website I will complain there too.

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