Posted on Sunday, June 1st, 2008 at 3:25pm CDT by 13d5493a

Company: aislebuyaisle

Location: US

Category: Other

order 12/12/07

billed 02/08

shipped 05/09/08

I do not have this order yet..worse site I have ever dealt with


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f8d9c076, 2008-07-29, 08:55AM CDT

I feel your pain. I just had to deal with these people as well. By far the worst merchant i've dealt with in my life. Online support is always closed, Toll free # does not work in Canada, they don't have a local number I can call, their e-mail support gives you no updates or information other than what can be found on their website. After waiting 2 weeks for shipping and being told my item has been shipped and that i'd be sent tracking information, I was able to conclude that they were just buying time, and have begun to dispute the transaction altogether.

I would sooner cover my body in honey and dive into a hive of bees before dealing with this merchant again.

3bce62da, 2008-12-17, 08:04PM CST

I can most certainly agree with you! I trusted these people for over a month to ship my products out to my customers, and have been notified 3 times of the orders being pushed back to a later date to be shipped! Yes I do run an honest wholesale business and now thanks to aislebuyaisle my website business is gonna have a bad reflection on 3 of my customers. I had to have made about 50 calls to them within 1 week with no live phone or email response. The recording on the phone number would always never have no live person take your call and would always say all representives are busy with other customers, all the time! They are a bad disapointment to me and now is going to look bad on three of its customers so if anyone out there that is a wholesaler STAY AWAY FROM THE FRADULENTS BIG TIME!! WASTE OF TIME, BREATHE, AND MONEY!

fa9cf26b, 2008-12-18, 09:06AM CST

I ordered something on December 4 2007, I still have not recieved it as of December 18, 2008! Over a YEAR later. They charged my account right away so they've had my money for over a year. I have written 3 letters, tried to call countless times (but was unsuccesful with their automated "eventually hang up on you phone system") and have also reported this to the Better Business Bureau (who also couldn't get a reponse from them)!

b071ff7c, 2008-12-18, 03:12PM CST

has anyone found a working phone number for this company?

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