Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2008 at 9:49am CDT by 4ebe39b9

Product: Jordan Almonds

Company: www.jordanalmonds.com

Location: JordanAlmonds.com Shipping Warehouse 331A Robbins Ave
Ewing, NJ, 08638, US

URL: http://www.jordanalmonds.com or www.hometowncandy.com/

Category: Other

I placed an order with www.jordanlamonds.com on June 7, 2008. Of course, the funds for my order were immediatley withdrawn from my account. Three weeks went by and I did not receive any tracking information or updates on my order for 12 lbs of white almonds and 4 lbs of silver almonds. Finally my white almonds arrived after e-mailing several times with update requests. It has been a month since I placed my order and my silver jordan almonds (4 lbs for $60.00) have still not arrived. I e-mail very often requesting updates and tracking details and receive no response. I will report this as a fraudulent transaction to my bank in hopes of receiving a refund since they have not responded to my repeated requests for either tracking details of a refund from them. Website says they never miss a wedding, fast-shipping, 100% satisfaction guarantee, etc...all lies. And how surprising...there is never anyone available to take calls at the phone number they provide, messages are not responded to either!! This has been the worst company I have ever purchase items from online and I buy nearly everything online. NOTE TO BRIDES AND WEDDING PLANNERS: avoid purchasing from this site as you will be left without your product and customer service is non-existent!!!!!!!!!


4ebe39b9, 2008-08-29, 05:41PM CDT

I just received the following comment and wanted to respond:

"Hi. I'm having the exact same problem with this company! I have emailed and called many times over the past week and absolutely no response. All I want is some tracking information! Did you ever receive your silver almonds or actually have contact with someone from the "company"? My wedding is now 3 weeks away and I'm pissed"

I never received my silver almonds and I did not have contact with anyone at the company. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and they also attempted contact to no avail. Then I started sending e-mails requesting a refund every moment I could..at least once a day and more if I had time to. Nearly a month and a half later I got a refund...I do not know what kind of funky, shady operation these people run but they should not be allowed to conduct "business" all it is is fraud. And maybe this was a coincidence but shortly after my refund, the card I used to purchase these almonds had several unauthorized charges made on-line, so I had to cancel my card and am now working with police on these fraudulent claims...with the way these people work it would not surprise me that they used my card information. Be careful and good luck.

bf00dd31, 2008-09-24, 11:57AM CDT

Same here. No tracking info, emails go unreturned as well as phone calls. Seems these folks have been doing this for so long they have become good at it. There have been complaints against this company since 2005. How do they get away with it?

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