Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2008 at 9:07am CDT by 0af4ac01

Product: Multimedia Business Card

Company: iMediaPro

Location: Unknown
Unknown, Ca, Unknown, US


Category: Other

As a new real estate salesperson I attended a free seminar on increasing real estate sales. Unfortunately I bought a $5,000 package from iMediaPro last July (207) and then our local market crashed as it did in most of the US. I immediately and persistently asked for a refund of my money as the company had not yet undertaken the expense of creating my multimedia business card. I continue to ask for a refund and have yet to receive a reply. However, Stephen Anderson, CEO of iMediaPro continues to send me e-mail solicitations! I admit that I got excited about the product and "jumped the gun" while attending the seminar, but the truth is that I cannot afford the package. I have told Mr. Anderson repeatedly the hardships my family is going through and how much we really need that $5,000 refund. Deaf ears.


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64003a14, 2008-07-07, 12:38PM CDT

It would certainly be helpful if this person would sign their name. Being incognito with no way to reply or for iMediaPro to review for 2 sides of a story is certainly not any way to get this resolved.

64003a14, 2008-07-07, 12:40PM CDT

How about giving us your name so we can review your complaint. There is always 2 sides to a story and we would like the opportunity to see if your complaint is valid.

8cd93b60, 2008-08-20, 09:23PM CDT

I will buy your franchise from you for $2500. Contact me at 224-234-3348. My name is Phil. Thanks.

ps. Its not there fault the economy has hit a brick wall.

3badbb2b, 2009-06-25, 10:38AM CDT

You had buyers remorse and you expect the vendor to refund your money?

Did he put a gun to your head to make you buy?

Get a life. Learn how to eat your mistakes instead of whinning about it.

Mike D., 2014-10-31, 02:39PM CDT

I purchased the DVD package from Mr. Anderson and I found the DVD do work and build the business. The problem I had with Mr. Anderson is that he took 1 year to deliver the product to me. Always an excuse of some kind. Then he would dodge my calls.

Hollywood can produce a full length film in 90 days and this clown Mr. Anderson could only hide from me for 1 year...

I then challenged my credit card company and they reversed the charge.

Another big mistake...I paid in full up front.

Well the credit card company finally got his attention and he delivered half of the order... the other half was cancelled after I had my attorney contact Anderson.

The big problem with this company is the owner Anderson. Do not, run, run from this guy!

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