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Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2008 at 6:22pm CDT by c9cdda1b

Product: 50HP66

Company: Toshiba

Location: US

Category: Other

I purchased a 50 Toshiba Plasma television on March 2, 2007. It was not a cheap purchase, but one that I had been working hard for and looking forward to. During the first week of May 2008, I was turning the tv on and there was a loud pop. The tv then turned off. Any time that it is plugged in all it will do is turn on and off. After researching the problem, I found that it was the Y-Sustain board. This is a common problem with any set using the LG board. I had contacted customer service several times up to this point and got no help. I was asked did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in?. I had told them that the tv had been unplugged for days prior to this question, but apparently they didnt listen from the beginning. I told them yes, it has been unplugged for days as I has stated. I called a few more times and received no help. They said that was as much as they could diagnose over the phone and that I would have to email my problem along with the proof of purchase. I did so on May 16, 2008 and as of this date still have not received a response to my email. I was given the phone number to an authorized Toshiba service center in my area. I spoke with the service center and was told that the problem was the Y-Sustain board and it would be about $350 to $450 to repair. I contacted customer service again on July 7, 2008. I again explained my situation and my file was looked up. I was told that no help would be given to me by Toshiba. I said that the set was only two months out of warrant when it broke. I asked if it would be possible if Toshiba would pay either for the parts or labor and I would pay the other. I was told that this would not be an option.

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77426245, 2008-11-18, 12:46PM CST

I had the exact same problem happen to me. I spoke to a CSM and after telling me there was nothing they could do I told her I would never purchase another Toshiba product EVER. She just said "ok". Toshiba's quality and customer service is a joke. Do not buy from them.

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