UsCellular - Don't Choose UsCellular

Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2008 at 10:28pm CDT by 4c2d4ec4

Product: Cell Phone Service

Company: UsCellular

Location: 627 12TH AVENUE NE NORMAN, OK 73071
Norman, OK, 73071, US


Category: Other

Before you choose UsCellular, contact me! They have harassed me (called me a bitch & whore), put me down (more derogatory names than you can shake a stick at), and I am now stuck paying for service that I don't get. My phone does not accept calls (I can only call out...SOMETIMES), some calls do not come through and go straight to voice mail instead (this happens at least 3-4x's a day), and the contacts keep deleting out of my phone. The phone itself has been sent into repair 3+ times. The first few times nothing was done & UsCellular could not mimic what my phone was doing (they said it was all in my head). The last time they keypad was replaced and I was told by an associate (David) at the Norman location (12th street) that the keypad can sometimes cause those things to happen.

I have PROOF that the phone is doing what I'm telling people. I actually video taped it on several accounts and days that this occurred.

I am now stuck with a non-working phone and service that I am paying for that I CAN NOT receive. (Even text messaging is no longer working)

Before you sign that contract THINK about what you're doing and if they deserve your service. I've been with UsCellular for more than 4 years and this is how I'm being treated.


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