American Express - Account Protector Program for American Express does not

Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2008 at 7:57pm CDT by eab677ec

Product: Account Protector Program

Company: American Express

Location: US

Category: Other

American Express has the Account Protector Program that claims to suspend all charges to your account in case of involuntary unemployment. I signed up for it and for three years I was paying up to $80 a month for it. When my employment contract was involuntarily terminated, I was refused all benefits that this program promised.

I urge all to stay away from it.


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66a5396f, 2009-02-27, 07:00PM CST

I was told by a salesperson that the American Express Account Protector program would pay my balance if I were ever hospitalized or disabled. I paid $35 a month for a year, and then when I was hospitalized for 6 weeks, American Express ruined my credit rating, closed my account, and turned my balance over to a collector who harassed me daily and demanded my balance be paid in full.

93791eb2, 2009-12-18, 01:41PM CST

For what its worth i am currently unemployed due to the construction industry and have been receiving benefits from Amex Acc Pro for nearly a year now to the tune of 200 usd a month. keep in mind i must fill out monthly forms AND qualify for state unemployment benefits.

557de73c, 2009-12-28, 05:46PM CST

I despise AMEX. After Obama took office and his administration was gunning for the big CC companies...AMEX sent me a letter informing me that they were dropping my limit to below what I owed them. Then they proceeded to charge me a fee because the balance was over the limit. When I called and asked about this they just said that they were lowering all card holders' limits. When I asked if it had to be below what I owed. I was told that they were sorry and that it was unfortunate and then asked if they could they help me with anything else. Right. Mind you...I paid on time every month and more than the amount due. So...I am filing for bankruptcy and they can stick my outstanding balance right up their lower limit.

44f69fa5, 2012-04-24, 01:22PM CDT

I sold this product for Amex to Amex cardholders. Its a ripoff. You will never get back what you paid into it. Do the math...rate is .85 per $100 of your balance. let say you have a $1000 balance. you will pay $8.50 per month. plus interest on that 8.50. Then when its time for you to get paid they only pay 2.5% of your balance.(minimum balance) let's see...that $25.00 per month. So in 3 months your over paying. Keep in mind that every benefit does not pay 24 months. Hospital for example only pays for 2 months. This is a rip off. Huge money maker for AMEX. The employees make hefty commissions on this. Upward of $1000.00 every two weeks plus hourly.

stephen F., 2013-04-02, 08:49AM CDT

January 15,2013 I was sent a letter from am ex stating that I will be recieving a refund for my preticapating in their acct protector program for the last 12 to 15 yrs. First of all I was never notified of my enrollment in this program. If so I would have made a claim 3 years ago. January 16,2010 I was diagnoised with lymph noid, lung and brain cancer, and have been on disability since approx march 2010. Now am ex tells me that they can't do anything. Do I have any recourse?

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