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Posted on Sunday, July 6th, 2008 at 2:11pm CDT by 0fdff848

Company: Domino's Pizza

Location: 4430 Mann rd
indianapolis, in, 46221, US

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I call local delivery at my area location and talk to the phone girl: she address herself as "Robin", and said can you hold with out even giving me a chance to say yes; this was very rude and improper but I over looked this because it can get very chaotic in there very quickly, well when she got back to me it was appr 6.15pm when I called and she pick up back up the phone at 6:35pm, so more or less I was on hold about 15 minutes, well when I went to place my order she was very rude and very ugly about her answers, I have order from this store since 1989 and never hold a problem like this, well I ask to speak with the manager becki which I knew because she has work there for 13+ year but come to find out she at a different store and the new manager rhonda is nice but she doesnt put the customers first, especially this robin gal, if that the kind of people she hires I will just order from Papa Johns,

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49a71d53, 2008-07-27, 02:37AM CDT

First of all, 35-15 is 20, not 15. Secondly, 100% of the time Customers exagerrate about how long they were on hold. The longest I've ever seen someone on hold in my experience (which is a lot BTW) was 8 minutes. The longest I've ever been told by a Customer how long they were waiting was 30 minutes. See the difference? It's very common for a Customer to be on hold for 5 minutes, more or less, yet they will claim to have been on hold for 15-20 minutes.

As for her not waiting for you to say yes, yes it is nice to give you that chance, but they aren't obligated to considering when they ask "Can you please hold", the question is rhetorical. You are going to hold regardless, because we aren't going to let you get in line after someone, and then order before them unless they say it's ok (which just won't happen unless they don't know what they want at all). I don't know why you would say no anyways, unless you are a complete jerk.

It's not that Rhonda doesn't put the Customers first, she just defends her Employees from ignorant Customers.

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