Singapore Airlines - Dissatisfied Service With SIA A380

Posted on Saturday, July 5th, 2008 at 11:02am CDT by 70154c48

Product: A380

Company: Singapore Airlines

Location: 290 Orchard Road #02-38/39 The Paragon Singapore 238 859
Singapore, Si, 238 859, SG


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Ladies and gentleman, we will be landing shortly at Changi Airport Terminal 3, we are glad to have you on board with us on Flight SQ317 by Airbus 380 from London to Singapore. Proudly to announce that our Super Jumbo is equipped with the latest Motion Detection Technology, for passenger who is still in deep sleep, be no surprised to expect Splash of water falling from top of the air condition system above you. This is our newly invested Morning Call Detection System.

This is Completely Outrages! How could you expect your passenger to take it that a Brand New A380 flight is experiencing air condition leaking issue? By date I have flown with different airlines (BA, MAS, Cathay Pacific, SIA, Thai Airways, JAL, AirAsia X, AirAsia, JetStar, Tiger Airways) on many combination of different aircraft (A380, A340, A330, A320, B747, B777, B767, B737), SIA A380 is the 1st airline to have lousy maintenance on board!

This issue has never come across when flying with different airlines that operate Airbus Aircraft, never. Even BA fly old aircraft B747, or maybe AirAsia X with their leased 13 years old A330, no such thing as air condition leaking. Looking back at SIA A380, the 1st operator to fly A380, start the London route since March 2008, that is about 3 months old aircraft, nobody can accept that a 3 months old aircraft is badly maintained.

The matter get worsen up when the Green Kebaya Singapore Girl (Leading Stewardess) approach me: Let me see, how badly you get wet. Not much right.. this is the norm, Airbus has this typical issue (air condition leaking issue). Even the passenger sitting next to me quoted to the Green Kebaya Singapore Girl you should send your engineer to have a check on your air condition system, big splash of water pour on him. She still chooses to ignore the passenger advice and walk off, even without a simple apology to the passenger for having such a bad experience on flight. Whoever that has a doubt of my word, you are invited 2 sit at Seat No. 53A (Main Deck) to know how badly you can end up with the air condition leaking issue.

I am extremely amazed by the ill-mannered reflected from a reputable airline cabin crew, wondering what the Standard for SIA choosing a Leading Stewardess is. Keeping such Singapore Girl on A380 is the utmost wrong decision, unless SIA do not even concern of losing passengers to the competitive airlines.

Apart from the rude Green Kebaya Singapore Girl, I received poor attention (or shall I say No Attention) along the 13hrs journey on A380. I am in deep curiosity, what is wrong with SIA cabin crew? Upon dispatching the headphone unit, or maybe while collecting back the cup, they choose to Ignore Me!? A number of Six to Eight Cabin Crews that attend to the Economy Class, none of them can see me sitting there? The cabin crew attended to passenger sitting at Row 53B, 53C respectively, but what about me who is sitting at 53A?

Remember that I pressed the Attention Button Three Times, none of the crew attend to me. Finally I hook up my own earphone to the Multimedia Set, forget about getting one from SIA cabin crew. Who knows SIA may collect Headphone Rental Charge upon landing at the airport. A full service carrier cannot even provide the basic service as compare to Low Cost Carrier, this is a big humiliation on you SIA.

Budget is not my concern when come to travelling, or else I would not choose BA for my Europe trip. Thinking of having a try on SIA Brand New A380, seems that this is a wrong decision for switching BA to SIA. Based on this time unpleasant flying experience with SIA A380, frankly speaking SIA has dropped to the lowest consideration list for my next vacation. I am serious about trying up AirAsia X new route to London (Stansted Airport) somewhere in Year 2009. At least AirAsia X cabin crew attends to the passenger diligently on my past Gold Coast trip.

A gentle reminder to SIA Management, you can be the Premier Operator for A380, you can have the best in flight design, equipped with modern facility and etc.. by having the ill-mannered cabin crew with you, notably you are losing passenger to other airline, as of me in this scenario. For sure I am sharing this bad experience on SIA A380 to friends and family. And to remind a couple of friends of mine who are flying to Japan with SIA A380, think twice. Nobody likes to ruin up the holiday or getting nightmare flying with such problematic airline.


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