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Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2008 at 6:32am CDT by 912a79c9

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I need to report this harrowing experience I had with Emirates and complain about their ground staff and especially their supervisor at Heathrow terminal 3, London:

I flew from London to Hyderabad on 25th of June 2008 on emirates flight EK 0002. I was returning from my holiday in the US and had made a stopover at London.

Since I had an extra bag, I had contacted the Emirates office in London 2 days before my flight and had asked them if I could take an extra bag with me on payment of excess baggage charges. I was told by the London Emirates office that I could take an extra bag with me and that I would have to pay a charge of GBP 67. I called again the second time and re-confirmed this fact and also asked Emirates to email me a confirmation note on this, which they did. (I have scanned the email which I received from emirates and have attached the same here).

I reached the airport to check in and there started my turmoil. I was greeted at the emirates check in counter by a woman who claimed to be the supervisor and was rudely asked why I was carrying an extra bag. I informed her that I did have an extra bag and that I did check with the emirates office 2 days prior if I could take an extra bag on payment of excess charges, and that I was informed by them that I could. I even showed her a copy of the email I had received from emirates confirming the same. The reply i got from her was "who knows who sent this email to you. You could have sent this yourself. Sorry, I will not allow you to take this bag, come what may." I showed her the email again and pointed out the source of the email which was "Sean McCann ([email protected]). She laughed at me and asked me to go and complain to whoever I felt like and that she was the boss then and she would see how I boarded the flight unless I left the bag behind. I asked her to advise me what to do since I had brought the bag with me and my flight was to leave soon. She replied, "Dump the bag in the garbage for all I care. Its not my job to advise you what to do with your baggage". At this point I was literally in tears not knowing what to do and my flight was to leave soon.

Seeing me in tears, another emirates staff member probably felt sorry for me and advised me to leave the bag at the left luggage counter, which was far away from the check in counter. I proceeded to the left luggage counter and was accosted by that demon (supervisor) again, and now she threatened to close the check in counter if I didn't return in 10 minutes, where as there was still 25 minutes for the counter to close. I informed her that I was trying to comply with her wishes and was leaving the bag at the left luggage counter and that there was sufficient time for me to do that. She was literally laughing on my face and saying, "lets see".

I finally left the bag at the left luggage counter and that bag is still lying there. I boarded the flight and flew home with only one thought in mind NEVER AGAIN ON EMIRATES. I had enrolled with Skywards but you may now cancel my membership as I will never fly with your airline again.

That evil woman who is supposedly your supervisor is being paid by your airline to supervise smooth check in and to ensure customer care. SOME CUSTOMER CARE THIS IS. I was a lone woman and that sadist derived some pleasure in harassing me and literally making me cry. Had my husband been with me, I don't think she would have dared.

Anyways, I have brought this to your notice so you could ensure that others don't face a similar fate.(if you actually care) This is not expected from an airline like yours. I will never fly with your airline again so it really doesn't matter to me if you do anything about this issue or not.

My husband is flying to London next week and will confront and take care of that so-called supervisor of yours. He will ensure that SHE cries too like she made me cry.

Thanks for a great flying experience. Your airline will really go SKYWARDS with this kind of passenger treatment


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391e6804, 2008-07-16, 09:35AM CDT


Seems like you were flying to India. generally speaking emirates have don't-care-for-cheap-sector attitude towards flights going to Asian countries. I have had my problems with Emirates and had escalated issue with the Customer Affair Department and to no result. Of course things are slightly different when you hold a western passport. I have seen people getting upgrades for free just because they shouted at the counter staff. Obviously emirates has a different policy and standard of customer service for Asian travelers.

I hope that supervisor is made to pay for her behavior but I won't count on it. In UK you can sue them in a consumer court or something similar. if you can please do that. These people need to learn a lesson here.

With regards,


PS: This comment is based on my personal experience and my personal views.

dd1cc139, 2008-12-20, 05:18PM CST

Never Fly by Emirates

Same here. I fly to bangladesh from New york JFK this month (December 2008). The ground staff has a major problme with asia flying countomers. I flew with my Family with 6 Bags and each bag was 50lbs. only one bag was just 2 lbs more and they charge me $50. I complained and The counter lady become mad. After all the arguments i had to pay $50 at last. But When I was ready to enter flight though boarding door Emirat stoped me and send me to the extra security people to harrase me. Now See.... to go thought extra security I had to stay more half hour asking me many questiion and check all my stuff. Oh God....I will never fly Emirat Again my life and I will suggest not to fly any one by Emirates

4ad04428, 2010-04-10, 05:15PM CDT

I too had several bad experiences with Emirates. The treatment to Indians is bad. I will never take a flight from Emirates. I too have post in and would continue to post my experience in other sites.

924d900e, 2012-04-25, 12:37PM CDT

Looks like not much has changed with Emirates over the years. the airline complaint system sucks just as much as it was many years back.

I had a bad experience with their baggage complaints department. The most frustrating part is that they don't reply to the complaints, do not pick up the phone and refuse to provide an escalation point.

The strategy is to make the complaint process so cumbersome that the customer feels he is better off, not pursuing the complaint.

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