Reliance Relocation - With out somewhere to sleep

Posted on Thursday, July 31st, 2008 at 2:45pm CDT by 2dfbcd63

Product: Moving company

Company: Reliance Relocation

Location: 295 Newark Ave 2nd Fl
Jersey City, ne, 07302, US


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This is going to sound familiar to many of you. I researched several moving companies in April '08. Reliance was mid range price wise, but I loved my service rep. Ed, was very accomodating and polite. So I thought, if anything goes wrong, then he'll be great. Well when I went to make my reservation, I was suprised to find out Ed was no longer with the company, and was transfered to Lewis (who didn't seem to know a thing about my file.)

When the foreman showed up on 4/23 he was two hours late and in a penski moving truck. Then the rest of his crew (Three men and a teenaged girl, who seemed to be in training,) showed up an hour later. They where so slow and in attentive that I began to worry that they were reliance employees. I called, and Lewis assured me that they were the crew hired by their foreman to do my move. I called a second time when a spouse of one of these men, showed up and asked to use my dryer (which I let her.)

When they went to leave Elam (the foreman) told me that they used $942.22 in packing supplies. Part of this was the three boxes that they fasioned around my washer, and then another three around the dryer. I was also told that since they "packed" those boxes I was paying their packing fee. If I don't want to do it, they would not take them. At this point, I should have just done myself a favor and told them to get off my property. I didn't though, and one week later I was told that we came in 1600lbs over estimate and owed them more money. We spent weeks on the phone with Kelly, who finally agreed to give us a nominal reduction. When we called her back, all we got was a voice mail, for two weeks. Then we get Josh, calling us to tell us that Kelly no longer works with the company and he will not honor her agreement. When I protested and asked to speak to the supervisor, I was told that he, Josh, was the owner, and I couldn't go any higher. We then spent another two weeks arguing with Josh. When we finally came to an agreement, I asked for my bill in writing. Two weeks passed and I didn't get one. After more voicemails a fith person called me and said Josh was out of the country, and she didn't know what was going on wish my account. Great, I'm doing a walk threw on my new home, and I have to start all over again.

Tyrea, the fith person, was able to email my husband the bill, which when then paid an increment of, threw certified check. Which they didn't receave untill June 22, '08.

On the 26th we moved into our new home, 2400 miles away from my family or my inlaws. No call from the delivery driver. Call Josh, "let me get back to you." Four hours later; "I don't know what is going on." So I am transfered to Asi, "Well, you didn't pay your part of the bill until the 22nd, so I didn't release your stuff." And that is when I lost it. When I asked Josh where was I supposed to sleep, his response was, "Well it is what it is. I will promise you that you will get your stuff by July 3rd." One full week away.

July 2nd and I haven't heard from the driver. I call, and Tyrea, again tells me that because of the holiday my delivery has been pushed to the weekend.

Saturday comes and I don't have my things, nor do I have any one answering the phone. Sunday is the same.

Tuesday, and my husband gets a call at 8am. We will be there at noon. Well Yippey, but we are both at work, and have to take a half day to come rejoycing that they are finally here.

They refused to reasemble our furniture, and said that they are not Reliance employee's and never saw our contract. They tracked grease all over the new carpet, and scuffed the walls.

We called the first day and left Josh a message, with no response. We left three more messages and one email. None have been answered, and my damaged items are still in the garage.

The only thing I can do now, is try to not let this happen to anyone else.


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