National Grid - National Grid overcharges gas customers

Posted on Thursday, July 31st, 2008 at 10:26am CDT by fcee8d74

Product: gas utility

Company: National Grid

Location: National Grid - Customer Correspondence 89-67 162nd Street Jamaica, NY 11432-5071
New York, Ne, US


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I just started gas service with the utility National Grid in Brooklyn, NY. At the start of service they did not physically look at the gas meter, but estimated its position.

The estimated meter start had us using 28 therms in 10 days; we have a small 2 bedroom apartment with only cooking gas and hot water, and we use only about 4 therms in a 10 day period. (I've checked the meter)

I've called 3 times. The first time I spoke to a rude employee who refused to help and acted as though their bad estimate was my fault because they did not physically look at the meter. (which I should have somehow known and forced them to do) The second time I spoke to a very nice employee who said she would re-estimate, and we received a new bill for 10 therms, closer to the truth but still twice our rate of usage. The third time I called I again spoke to a nice employee who promised to reduce the amount to a more realistic estimate, however I have just received my bill and the estimated start amount has not been changed. I am not sure I can stand another 15 minutes on hold waiting to talk to an employee and still be overcharged once I reach someone.

National Grid does estimate (over inflated) the amount bi-monthly, which should correct in the next bill. However there is nothing to correct for their bad initial service start estimate. In fact, had they not attempted to charge me over $60 for 10 days worth of cooking gas I may not have noticed the initial estimate ripoff. I can only assume this is a common overcharge of new customers. Please be wary and check your meter when you move in to a new place, and continue to check your bill against your meter. National Grid will overestimate your gas usage.


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c3217d61, 2008-12-01, 05:59PM CST

I am from Queens NY and I too have been overcharged by National Grid. CUSTOMERS BEWARE. Instead of charging me for my actual usage, for the past five months they have been "ESTIMATING" my usage. I keep records for all of my utility bills for up to 5 years and when I pulled out last years billing stmt for Nov 2007, I realized that I have been paying double the amt for the past 5 months. This cuts even more b/c last year around this time, the weather was much colder. Thus, the bill should have been at least 25-35% lower this year. I am outraged. When I called customer service, I waited for over 15 mins to speak w/ an actual representative. Worst of all, the rep was rude to me and even hung up on me! EVERYONE IN NYC BEWARE OF NATIONAL GRID!! CALL 311 TO COMPLAIN. FILE A PETITION W/ SENATOR SCHUMER ON HIS WEBSITE!

a0ef9169, 2008-12-08, 12:53PM CST

You guys are good, they charge service and usage for gas that was never on,the meter is shut off and locked by national grid emploee, and after so many calls i still receive bill to pay gas.

a10177ff, 2009-01-28, 10:50PM CST

I have had similar issues with now National Grid. I have a home in Upstate NY that I have not lived in since March of '08. I just recieved a bill for over $250 and when I called to dispute the charges, I was told that this has been the coldest winter on record. What kind of crap is that? In case you didn't read the first part NO ONE LIVES THERE!!! The thermostat is set at 56%, and according to the "reading" I used more gas this year than last year. The house also has a gas hot water heater and a gas oven and stove. None of which have been used in over 9 months. I don't get it and there is nothing I can do other than not pay the bill, which will have a negitive impact on my credit. I can't win, so I guess National Grid get more money from me and I will simply be able to do nothing.

ea69b173, 2009-02-20, 10:31PM CST

I have only electricity at my residence and and I run no central heat and 1 space heat for a 3 bedroom apt and I still get charged over $500 bucks a month....This is just awful...and I noticed on my bill I get charged twice once for the actual usage and once for delivering it to me...The actual usage is lower than the essentially I'm paying for the rent of the lines poles and the company that supplies...what a rip off

de3d773a, 2009-06-24, 07:07AM CDT

For 1 month I got chargerd 750$!!!!and I paid it!. I can't beleive this and now they cut off my service and my bill is 1300$ and this is for only 4 months. This is the Gods honest truth I am never home I dont cook, I eat out so that means I dont have my heat on all day. I dont cook so theres no dishes to wash! so I can't belive my bill is so high and the people that work there are so rude and they just dont give a F***! I'm so upset I don't know what to do I feel like am being taken for a ride and can't do nothing about it!

89fd796b, 2009-07-11, 04:33PM CDT

so what did you do? Did you pay for the bills that was sent to you after the service was shut off or did you leave it alone...

bdead123, 2009-07-22, 05:01AM CDT

Call the State consumer affairs commision Immediatly!

File a small claims action asking for the MAX allowed in NY.

Sit back and wait and DON"T SETTLE before court make them send their COSTLY counsel to the court house then agree to mediate the case ( clerk Magistrate loves that).

3c17aeeb, 2009-08-07, 08:08PM CDT

national grid is totally out of control, they charged me $148 for 15 days of cooking ...

we should file a lawsuit against them, it is ridiculous.

a94060d2, 2009-08-21, 08:02AM CDT

My name is Chan Jamoona and I run the United Hindu Cultural Council Senior Center in Queens, New York. My family and I have been running this center since 1998 and we have recently faced a dreadful issue. We are in desperate need for your assistance in a problem with our local gas company National Grid. The situation is that our facility's furnace was not working properly. We called National Grid and they came in to investigate the problem. Instead of fixing the furnace to heat the Center, they decided to install another furnace giving us a total of 2 furnaces. They told us that they didn't make larger furnaces and we needed 2 furnaces to heat the facility.

Since then our gas bill has doubled because these two furnaces are burning more gas then before. Also the furnaces are not working properly and last winter we had to buy space heaters in order to heat up the center, increasing our electric bill. After contacting National Grid numerous times we still have been refused, ignored and our problem disregarded. Despite the fact that we are Government funded, we in our small capacity still cannot afford to spend so much money on something so unnecessary. We have worked too hard to help support the elderly of our community to be disgraced and stripped financially by a company we are suppose to trust.

Jacqueline A., 2010-12-23, 09:29PM CST

I have filed a petition against national grid please sign and join me.

together we stand, divided we fall

e8a6670d, 2012-04-09, 06:35PM CDT

The same thing happened to me.

National Grid is ripping everyone off.

11bff93f, 2012-11-30, 08:39PM CST

National grid is a rip off i got my Electric bill Total Delivery service $32.38 Total supply service $34.37 total of my bill is $66.75 to me this is a rip off we need to fight back and dont let National grid rip us off we need to post in facebook and other sites about National Grid how bad they are also write to tv talk shows to get this on National tv soon as we can lets do this together

31a4dbab, 2015-03-09, 05:12PM CDT

National Grid ripped me off for over $1500.00, they changed my meter 1 month before I moved out and turned off my service, everything was upto date and then they said that I havent had a reading in a year, well you just replaced the meter and I had gotten a bill after that so tell me how I used $1500 worth of gas!! I called and they were just NASTY and RUDE, they could careless!!!

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