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Product: Non-Surgical Bio-Matrix Hair Replacement System


Location: 7900 Westpark Drive, Suite T100
McLean, VA, 22102, US


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On June 18, 2008 I went with my husband to look into hair transplants and similar opportunities. Hearing about the hair club for men and women, I figured it would be a rewarding experience. As it happened, it was completely the opposite. We went in and talked to a consultant and was explained the process and completed the interview portion. She took us into the trial room and explained the payment procedures. She said that bio-matrix procedure would be best solution, it is thin layer skin, and you won??t really feel it. You can go anywhere you like and you can any thing on it. It won??t make any difference. I would say Hair Club completely lies during whole meeting. Hair Club won??t tell you about material or cost of procedure. At the end of meeting, she comes with two page contract and said that one time application fee will be around $1500 and if you take six month program than it would be $3200 which includes second bio-matrix, and regular service cost. If I pay $3200 then I have to pay nothing. I ask them to give me regular cost after that but Hair Club never give me any information. She keeps saying that after first procedure, we will take a look and do every thing to make more cost effective. Hair Club never gives any cost structure or any thing.

We ( my husband & I) thought that would nice to have something which gives smile on face because in consultant room there is TV which shows experience of other client with smiley face. We pay whole six month payment in one shot as $2700, I thought it would little hassle free to pay everything instead of paying in installment.

After 6 weeks, she calls back for application of bio-matrix on my wife head. We went to Hair club office. Hair club consultant had place bio-matrix which not much different than wigs. I felt that there is heavy weight on my head and there were too many hairs, I can adjust properly. I explain my situation to consultant and sales lady who promise lot in beginning. Hair Club told us you can go home comes back tomorrow, everything will be fine. It is something you have first time so it feel little heavy. I can??t able to sleep whole night. In that particular night, I had too much headache because of this procedure. Literally, I cry few times in middle of night. My husband & I decide to remove bio-matrix things from head because I was not able to control pain and heaviness.

Next day morning, I call to Hair club to remove bio-matrix thing from my head. Hair Club try to convince my lot but I keep saying that I don??t need this, please remove this. At finally, they were able to remove from my head. I feel lot relax. Now I said that I don??t won??t keep continue with service? Please give me my money back because I paid money for six month service. I also said that you can keep money of first service but I need remaining money back. Hair Club said that you have signed contract once you leave our premise, we can??t give any money back. I said that you told me to go home and come back tomorrow. But they we just said to make you feel comfortable.

Now they are not giving any money back, I lost $2700 without any reason. Hair club is rip-off. Their sales people are so nice and well train to rip-off people. I WOULD BEG EVERYONE TO SAVE YOUR PEACE AND MONEY. I AM SURE IF YOU VISIT THEM YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY AND PEACE.


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c458eec9, 2009-06-17, 01:52PM CDT

Do you live in a cave..first you start out talking from the Husbands point of view then you go to the Wifes point of view and the way you word your complaint you sound like you were born during the stone age!

61ab1e18, 2009-07-05, 09:32PM CDT

Maybe English is not her first language, dumbass. If someone has a legitimate complaint, they have every right to express that complaint without being criticized! This was her personal experience and she expressed herself the best way she could. Thanks for sharing your story.

c6196f61, 2009-11-05, 04:12PM CST

To the asshole who commented on her english... Dude the janitor in my office speaks english like u do.. does that make him any better??????

if u are born in a country where they speak english u obviously speak english.. if u are from a different country u may not be that good in english.. so what's wrong with it?

Can you speak Spanish? French? Japanese? Chinese???? No.. right? now should we consider you as a caveman too?

And regarding Hairclub.. yes they are the biggest liars/ cheaters in the whole world just like car sales people.. but hey u need a car.. and u feel the need to have hair if u are bald.. those assholes are just cashing it.. that's all

e0666b17, 2010-03-30, 09:38AM CDT

This is not the first time I have heard of this but Its a lady out of Memphis, TN that does a great job at a fraction of the cost her site is if you are interested.... I hope this helps

cb65faa8, 2011-01-28, 11:37AM CST

i feel sorry for you. yes they take advantage of people who are week. the same thing happened to me. these people are a bunch of liars. i think they are trained to lie to people. but don't worry, they will not escape the fires of hell. if anyone from this company lies the about their product, you better resign now, coz your punishment is waiting for you. Revelation 21:8 says that "all liars will go to hell".

46393eb8, 2011-09-14, 02:16AM CDT

Actually its their own hair club commentator who justify your self.

is this msg English is not a big deal you wanna convey the msg we got it and u are right these peoples are just fraud money makers........

5b401139, 2011-11-01, 09:01PM CDT

The Hair CLUB does offer great looking Bio Matrix(Lace front wigs/top pieces) but here is the catch, the finer lace matrix which are the most undectable are the MOST expensive! They never really show the clients the most expensive lacefronts to the new comers. They do have great lace pieces but NO you don't have to spend so much money on them,you can always order them off of the internet, but the question is, who will cut it in for you? If you can find a skilled stylist to cut it in , you can save yourself lots of money. ths company offers LACE wigs/top pieecs for men and woman that's all, and they charge you for the monthly maintenence for having it. RUN don't WALK!!!!

1fa4fb3d, 2012-03-01, 12:30PM CST

Your not alone, same thing happened to me, I lost almost $3,000 with the same Bio matrix wathever and i cant get my money back either. They never told me at the meeting how everything was going to be from there on. Hair club is indeed a rip-off dont recomend it to anyone.

98623c4e, 2013-08-29, 09:53AM CDT

I lost $4000 to that Bio Matrix. I had the same experienced, the consultant said you going to be fine but I experienced heaviness, itchiness and headache the whole night. I could not sleep well. It was very uncomfortable. I went back right away the next day and removed that fake Bio Matrix wigs but I could not refund my money. I even asked at least 50% of my money back but they said If I removed before the premises. I cried that I wasted my money for nothing. Now, I had more headache for loosing my money. Consultant said they will loose business if they will refund the money. People always read the contract and do not miss every singe words...It was sickening those who works at hair club>>>

98623c4e, 2013-09-04, 03:46PM CDT


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