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Posted on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 at 4:13pm CDT by a7bd3bff

Company: Cox Communications

Location: US

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My customer inquiry emailed 7/23/2008 has been ignored. I expected, at least, the courtesy of a reply.

TO: Scott Wise, Vice President of Customer Care, Cox Communications

Dear Mr. Wise:

Why is it so frequently that I open my online bill for Cox services (basic cable, high speed internet, and telephone) to find one or more of the rates have been increased? This month my cable charge of $14.99 raises last month fee of $12.95 almost 16% (!) and the internet charge of $43.99 raises previous $41.95 nearly 5%. I really cannot consider this good customer care for a good customer.

At the same time, I see nightly television commercials offering low (introductory?) rates for new customers. Are loyal long-term customers like me being soaked to subsidize those rates - and pay for the advertising? The current industry scheme would seem to promote constant switching between service providers for the lower rates. Should not there be a 'best customer rate' that comprehends the economy of simply carrying a satisfied customer?

Granting the possibility of a billing error, may I request the favor of your having a person of cognizance review my account/bill to assure that I am being billed both correctly and fairly?

My Account # is ****

My service address is **** CA 92103

My Cox PIN is ****

Thank you for thoughtful attention to this earnest inquiry.

Charles Hudgins


a7bd3bff, 2008-08-04, 01:06PM CDT

The day after I listed my complaint on, I received an email response from the VP indicating that I would be contacted by a local customer care rep for account review. That has happened, with an acceptable resolution. So, conclusion is that Cox listened and make good business response.

Charles Hudgins

30ca866c, 2008-12-20, 08:56AM CST

Cox is awesome. Great company to deal with.

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