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Company: WALMART

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WAL-Mart As a Criminal Enterprise

Parents should warn their kids before entering Wal-Mart to get a bargain! This is the most diabolic place in the entire continent, and your kid might get much more than you bargained for: A Criminal Record. The humiliation that he would suffer as a result of a $2.00 item would last him a life time and would set them on the way of revenge and a criminal future! Therefore, read this and tell everybody else entering Wal-Mart, that unless we change the law that makes a two dollars shoplifting a crime, while letting a man who passes a red light get away with an infraction, they should be cautious when entering Wal-Mart.

When you hear of Wal-Mart one always think of the Giant Chain stores which bring cheap Chinese made products to destroy American and Canadian productive forces, Wal-Mart destroys local businesses, destroy local communities, destroys the Unions, all in the name of providing Cheap products for us and Free Market Economy.

It never occurred to us that we would have been better off to have saved all that is good for our community, our industry, our productivity, our environment and our economy. Maybe it is time to rethink this once more!

WALMART NOW IS A THREAT TO OUR KIDS.IT is the lower middle class and bargain hunters working family??s poor who in these hard economic times go to Wal-Mart in search of Bargains. They would not know that their kids would be caught by vicious Security Guards of Wal-Mart stores all over the country and charged for shoplifting a Candy or a Chocolate Bar or a one dollar kid stuff.

In Canada the Lobby's of this vicious Giant in collaboration of corrupt politician has put a law in the book a poor kid who picks=up a one dollars candy can be charged with shoplifting and theft under $5000.00 and branded as criminal. Wal-Mart is a dedicated trap for the simply dumb, unaware and deprived kids as criminals.

The local Police in Scarborough are delighted to get the immigrant kids, arrest them, and bringing them under the Criminal Justice Control and their wide security Net, so that it may know and trace their movements later on in life.

Actually, by criminalizing and encouraging WALMART to arrest your kids the Police is entrapping everybody in a seemingly exposed easy to pick busy market, to bring their kids, with no proper warning, and go stray, get cut and get a criminal record.

This way the local law enforcement officials instead of chasing the giant Mafias that now run Prostitution, drugs, gangs in Scarborough and other part of Toronto are wasting our tax money chasing our kids and criminalizing their silly acts.

We want everybody know what happened to us in WALMART, so that everyone in the community warns their kids, either not to go to WALMART or be extremely cautious.

I would like to explore the possibility of fighting a case and challenging a 2 dollars shoplifting case which is called theft under $5000.00 dollars. I did not expose any documents. I was arrested right out side the door of Wal-Mart after opening the wrap of a 2 dollars package and carrying it in my pocket. Wrong, and no matter what the defense it is better to be none! There is no defense for a stupid action and you can not explain it away. You should tell your kid to shut up and ask for a lawyer! Whatever you do not talk and do not explain. This is exactly what would happen to your kid and you should make sure every kid entering Wal-Mart know the consequences of his dumb action in Wal-Mart.

The moment the security guys which are crawling all over notice you, because of some profiling criteria they use, being ethnic, blacks, accent, dressing etc. you would be traced and followed.

When they arrest you outside Wal-Mart all your liberties would be gone. You have no rights. You are a Criminal under arrest. They search you without warrant. They take possession of anything you might have in your pocket. The security guys are the worst scum of the earth selected from the cheapest ugliest and the most deprived ex-criminals, especially vicious about the people from their own class and ethnic backgrounds. They read you no rights. They would virtually frame you as a person who resisted arrest, refused to come with them inside the store and that is why they immediately hand-cuff you. Everything they find in your possession can become evidence used against you for some other charge. Take this seriously, as a copy of your mother??s heath card or your father??s credit card in your pocket, all are fair game.

You are a fair Game in Wal-Mart and everything would be seized and would be laid on the desk while you arte hand-cuffed. Everything would be taken out of your possession, without any probable cause by the Wal-Mart security and given to the police before I was taken to the Station. Documents were forcefully seized and pulled out from my pocket without a search warrants or my consent. Later on, on the Police disclosure Statement it would be claimed that you resisted arrest, they arrested you because you wanted to run, they manhandled and pushed and insulted you because you were trying to flee and refused to give your name!!

The law gives these criminals the right to violate the Civil Rights of people just because shoplifting under 100 dollars should have been an infraction rather than a crime! However, I challenge the manner of Arrest and would like to explain the incident as it really happened and explore any violation of my civil rights, the manner of search and seizure of my documents, and register my complaint against the Wal-Mart Security Guard, and the Police. To prove my case I hereby request the Court to provide all security Cameras record in WALMART from the time of arrest, statement of three WALMART security persons who were present at the time of arrest and also Camera record of all WALMART Video-Adios record from the time of arrest and inside the security room of WALMART.

1. I was arrested and rapidly handcuffed without resistance, as the security Cameras and two other security men who were present would corroborate. I was never advised of my rights to Council. Never was given an opportunity.

2. I was taken to the security room, shoved, cursed and pushed to seat. Then, as I objected to the abuse and requested them to call the police I was manhandled by a violent and disrespectful ex-criminal who is now Wall-Marts security agent.


3. Even if I provided my name, my hands were cuffed, I was searched. My pockets were emptied by the agent. Even if I provided my name, the Wal-Mart security took my Wallet and start searching my wallet and counts my money and takes my cards. I insisted that they should call for a Police and finally they called. All record of this abuse should be recorded as they told me the room has an audio-video recording. Everything they seized without warrant from me was lying on the desk when Police arrived and instructed them to take the handcuffs away.

4. The Police saw the bruises on my wrist and I told the Police that I am charging the agent for assault and violation of my civil rights, and he ignored. All the times my IDs and Cards were laid on the table and I told my name again to the Police man exactly as it appeared on my HEALTH CARD and he had no reason to take me to the station. He said I am taking you to the station JUST to prove your identity, even I told them the same name and provided the same identity all the time all with my date of birth and my picture.

5. While in Custody, I was immediately threaten by the Detective that he is going to keep me in jail, and when I asked again and again to consult an attorney, finally they let me talk to a defense council who said they would let me go as soon as they confirm my ID. She told me does not talk to police until you talk to an attorney.

6. When they refused to let me go, I requested again and again to talk to an attorney and they never opened the door and at one occasion a voice from a big fat detective shut back that?? if I don??t stop, he would come and break my bones. Therefore, all recorded voice/videos of conversation which record inside and outside the cell in the station would prove their actions.

These detectives are gents of oppression and the defender of corporate rights. The city of Toronto is infested with Mafia sex-traders who spend millions of Dollars to openly advertise sex trades in NOW and all other Daily Newspapers and Gangs who control Drugs, prostitution and human trades. Why the Police who viciously go after a Shoplifter in Wal-Mart do nothing about hundreds of Mafia Prostitute houses in, North York and Toronto and Scarborough!

Because in both cases the Police is on the payroll of Corporate Criminals, arrest the shoplifter to Defend WAL-MART Corporation and don??t arrest the Prostitutes because they work for Big Criminal Enterprises!

Until we take back our law enforcement agencies which are hijacked by Giant Corporations we have to warn our kids to be on guard in Wal-Mart so they won??t be caught in the Police Web that is ready to criminalize their actions.


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5d488145, 2008-08-09, 01:26PM CDT

The fact is that you stole something and are mad because you were caught. You are not arrested until the police do that. It doesn't matter if you took $1 or $500. You are a thief. Maybe you should be more honest and pay for the things you want instead of ripping people off.

a154301c, 2008-08-11, 01:27PM CDT

WAL-MART Booby trap for kids!

Shop;ifting is bad but should we forgive Wal-mart and attack the shof lifter and brand him as thief? No! because putting somebody in jail for under $10.00 dollar is a crime against humanity. Putting somebody in jail for shoplifting is a crime against the people.

Lets be reasonable, who is more criminal a shoplifter of a Company who by any means has destroyed labor unions, small store owners, communities and above all US industries in favor of Chinese industry.

Which is worse, Gangsters and organized crimes that now openly run all whore houses in Scarborough and Toronto and are protected by police or a petty shoplifting. In my one weak of case observation in Scarborough courthouse I did not see one prostitute being prosecuted or one John arreted while the whole City is under siege by Chinese and Russian organized crime.

Which is worse getting HIV from an un licensed prostitute, who is protected by Toronto Police, or some-one lfts a Candy from WalMart. Crime and punishments should be proportionate!

When Police defends the corporate Criminals ,big business and organized crime gangs that control prostitution in Toronto, why anybody should care about apetty shoplifter in Walomart?

The question is why the Police react to one and not another should be of concern to the Tax Payers.

Shoplifter is not a threat against society but Prostitute is, Walmart is, the organized crime is!

Police does not interfere in prostitution because it is covering-up and defending organized crime the same way it defends walmart!

82c48a1b, 2008-08-15, 04:26PM CDT

Ignorant guys like this would make our society a police state. First of all, If somebody simply forgot to pay for a 2 dollar item, he should not be branded as theif and criminal. A driver who passes a red light and hid your car is far more criminal than a shoplifter. How come he gets away with an infraction and a fine and no jail term?

Because it is not a crime to pass a red light or go high speed and kill people!

theft is a crime against property and any state who prosecute petty shoplifters while letting Banks rip off thousands of lives is doing harm to society. Any city like Toronto, which has become the organized crime Mecca of

North America is responsible for the action of its Police Force and their priorities.

The question is why a Bankrupt City that is infested by Organised Crime and Criminal gangs, spend the Tax payers money to prosecute shoplifters and let the unlicensed Prostitutes and whore houses finannced by Russian and Chinese Criminals go free.

If you are the defended of morality then

you have to ask why your government is letting these whore houses operate without proper "health checks"? A man getting HIV FROM AN UNLICENSED PROSTITUE HAS AS MUCH RIGHT as wal Mart wo lost only a 2 dollars item!

In most states they punish the shoplifter only by an admonition and paying the price of the item.

All we say that Police should stop wasting its valuable time chasing shoplifters while so many life threatening crimes are around us.

It is a far larger crime to brand a young ethnically different man as criminal and brand him for all his life, than letting him go with an admonition!

c458eec9, 2008-09-15, 11:31AM CDT

I cannot believe you had the balls to shoplift then get upset because you got doesn't matter if you stole something that was 20 cents, $2.00 or $200 you are still a thief..I on the other hand have a legit complaint..We had been shopping in Food Lion since I was 10 years old (they went through alot of name changes through the years but the final name was Food Lion) day I went with my Niece (I was 23 at the time) it was cold outside so I had on my bomber jacket it was zipped because I get cold very easily..after I paid for my purchases I headed for the door..I was stopped by a security guard he asked to see my receipt and bag he then proceeded to compare my receipt to what was in the bag..when he finished he handed me the bag back I said "excuse me" I started out the door then he had the balls to grab my arm I jerked from his grip and snapped "do that again and I will sue" he then sneered "you are a your jacket" I did gladly because I had done nothing wrong..I glanced over at a clerk who has known me since I was 4..she told the new Management I "was a valued regular customer been coming in since I was a kid" he ignored her and allowed me to be humiliated..after my pockets were searched I angrily showed them what was in my pants pockets then I snatched my bag and receipt out of his hand walked over to that Clerks register and said I want my money back! she said "I don't blame you one damn bit" the Manager said "you'll need to go to customer service" I hissed "you assholes know nothing about customer service so f**k you" I was given my money back I turned and said I'll go to Walmart! I never went back inside that store again, no apology no look of remorse they just watched me dull eyed as I stormed out the door! I was told they closed down two months you see that is being treated unfairly what you did was a crime they treated you as you should have been treated like a criminal. I on the otherhand was innocent of any wrong doing..I had a don't, the guilty rarely do!

5396bb23, 2009-09-11, 03:43AM CDT

I just gotta say that it really chaps my ass that people think just cause someone stole from wally that it is automatically ok to treat them like a sub human demean degrade embarass call them stupid and many other rude names etc. , etc.And worse yet they act like it is impossible and unbelievable , just could not be that somebody could ever leave and mistakenly miss an item especially a $2 one!!! it can happen...

c36c170e, 2009-12-03, 04:01AM CST

wal mart just took my kid, 15 years old, and locked him in a room for over an hour questioning him about a shop lifting a tee shirt. We got to the store 10 min. after they had him, but we were not alowed in the room.

0f6e71b5, 2011-06-10, 02:56PM CDT

You do the crime, you do the time, get off your high horse..15 is way old enough to know right from wrong..if he's shoplifting at 15, what will he be doing by the time he's 18??..Prison time? that's what!! Stealing is stealing little Johnny/Jimmy or whatever his name is, deserves 0 pity!! Stop and think, do you really think this is your Sons first time sholifting, duh he's just never been caught before!!

0f6e71b5, 2011-06-11, 02:34PM CDT

WOW, how dare Walmart! What right do they have prosecuting shoplifters, after all 15 is too young to know right from wrong, poor little guy..he is soo, it would have been better if Walmart hadn't caught him like the other times before..because, in 3 years time he would be stealing more pricey stuff for maybe me and his, what will happen?? Guess he will be made to pay for his crime, can't have that..after all they might take away his right to throw all common sense out the window and he wont be able to grow up to be as stupid as I am..Walmart you should rot in hell...some people shouldn't be allowed to procreate..btw stupid, that means have children!!

250fa8d1, 2011-08-13, 09:14PM CDT

I'm sorry but you are out of our mind! It s ot OK to take anything from anyone that is not yours, just because you don't like a companies way of doing business doesn't give you or anyone the right to rob them!and I'm sorry but your child doesn't have the right to not go to jail for breaking the law, I saw you noted that your kid is an Imegrent,, so does that make him above the laws of this country?what would the police done to him in your country? I'm sure it would had been worse. I get sick of these people claiming they always have a right to someone else's money or possessions. I think an old guy said it right, it's not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. There is soooooo many things wrong with you complaint I'm just going to stop typing and try to forget I saw it

3f24b86f, 2012-01-15, 12:10AM CST

I agree with you 100% Walmart's Loss Prevention People are the worse in one little city in Arizona. My daughter was caught shoplifting and the L.P. never called the cops, she got a summons to appear in court. What is the bad part about this is that my daughter was always in walmart with her grandmother and the L.P. people knew her grandmother very well and asked her in front of other customers what her name was and then proceded to tell her grandmother what she did, all while other customers could hear. That is so wrong of Walmarts L.P. people. Because of the loud mouth L.P, and of customers that heard decided to tell others and it was posted on FACEBOOK for the whole world to see. Yes she is guilty of shoplifting and she told the judge that she would never do it again. But what about the L.P. that decided to tell all the customers what she did? I feel she should be fired and never to work at walmart again. She went to court and was given a misdemener, was offered a diversion program, where she admited guilt without having the conviction on her record, and do community service and when done the case would be dismissed and NO CONVICTION will show up on her record. But she has already been convicted by the L.P. and the facebook world. This situation was wrong in every way. Wal-mart L.P. from store # 1299 in Arizona is real bad, all customers know who she is and what she does there. She never had my daughter arrested, just a summoms to appear in court, for all we know she could be lying, maybe my daughter wasnt in the store that day. There is no mention of the crime being caught on store cameras.

I guess the L.P. will do and say anything just to get what a big yellow smiley face. Well I hope this message goes along ways.

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