Burger King - Rude Service!!

Posted on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 at 4:48am CDT by e35b6b5f

Company: Burger King

Location: Store Number 10213 6945 75th Street
Kenosha, Wi, 53144, US

URL: http://www.bk.com/

Category: Other

The Manager name Anna (I found out from the employee) was very rude to my friend and to one of the employee that was taking care of us. Anna was treating this poor black girl like (crap!!) saying nasty things to her and being rude to her, while she was trying to take our order!!, Then she treated my black guy friend like crap when she gave him her order, just threw down his order at him and didn't say thank you or nothing. I tried to report this Manager to corporate because she needs to be fired if she treat minority like shit, just because she a manager. But I feel sorry for that little black girl, I will never eat at a burger king again. (I promise). I felt so sorry for her and how that Manager (Anna) was treating her like she was nothing.


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