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Posted on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 at 11:37am CDT by 50606527

Product: Heartland Big Horn 3055 RL

Company: Heartland Recreational VehiclesLLC

Location: 1001 All-Pro Dr
Elkhart, IN, 46514, US

URL: http://www.heartlandrvs.com/index.html

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Poor Customer service regarding repairs from Heartland RV the manufacturer of our Big Horn 3055 RL

we purchased the RV from River City RV, Medford, OR, in April of 2007. to be brief, this is the sixth time in a year it has been for repairs of warranty items. We have had to cancel our travel plans in order to return the rv to River City for repairs. We have had to wait weeks for parts, argue about getting the repairs/parts done, and been totally unsatisfied with the work done. In April we took the fifth wheel to River City RV because the lift system was defective, after waiting a month to get the rv returned to us, we left the southern Oregon area, used the lift system and had the same problem as before. since we were not in the area, we selected another dealer in the Portland area to repair the problem with the lift system and also noted another problem, possibly with the frame of the unit. We also called River City RV on June 2 to note the problem with the lift system. They were trying to work with Heartland, and the lift system manufacturer, Lippert to get an authorization for repairs. Since we waited weeks to hear from River City and did not ever hear anything about scheduling a date for the repair in the Portland area, we called the dealership directly to schedule a repair appointment, for July 10. The fifth wheel has been at the rv dealership since July 10, and neither Heartland or Lippert through numerous phone calls has diagnosed the problem. Someone from Lippert was supposed to be at the rv repair center yesterday July 29, after taking a week to get to the repair center from a near by town. What can a person do to be effect to seek timely repairs of an RV? Even if we get someone from Lippert to the RV center to diagnoise the problem the past experience with Heartland and Lippert in getting parts esitmates the repair will take many more weeks to fix. Does anyone have any advice? on how to expidiate this situation.


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06cc4e1f, 2009-09-15, 01:09PM CDT

We went thru the same type of thing. We have our Heartland Cyclone for 10 months. It spent 8 months at the RV shop. Things broke every time we took it out. And then it would take them weeks to respond to approve warranty items. Many of the items they fought us on trying to say we did something to break them. Then shipping was another story. It would take them forever to ship and they even closed down for weeks without shipping out our parts before hand.

I believe they drag out the process since there is only a 1 year warranty. This way when things continue to break, you are out of pocket.

Don't bother complaining because they don't respond to complaints. If they do respond it will be 6+ months later.

I recommend people do not buy Heartland RV's. We traded in ours taking a huge loss but now have a KZ that we love. We can actually use it without everything breaking on it.

Retired B., 2012-08-24, 11:24AM CDT

We have a 2012 Heartland Big Country 3690SL. We've had it four months and it's been in the shop 5 weeks on 3 different times. They've replaced both A/C's and it took 3 times to get the lock adjusted to work. Our problem is when we take the 5th wheel out it fills with dust! You can write your name in the dust on the counter tops, TV and furniture! We've called Heartland but they don't respond. The Dealer says they can't fix it so we are stuck with a 5th wheel that fills with dust and who knows what else! Wires were hanging down from the slides and the workmanship of the Heartland products is extremely poor! Don't buy a Heartland RV of any kind they are not worth the money. The resell value of Heartlands products is extremely poor as well. Don't be a fool like we were.....Don't buy a Heartland 5th wheel of any kind. They don't respond to their customers!

Robert Allyn L., 2012-08-24, 02:27PM CDT

I have one question?

Does your local area have a Lemon law?

You may find it covers your RV as they thought of as Vehicle in most jurisdictions.

Glen W., 2012-10-18, 12:34PM CDT

I just (August 2012) traded in my 2008 Heartland Sundance which had many problems and poor response from both the dealer and Heartland. Problems: 1. No warm air to bedroom turned out be a crushed hot air pipe when the steps to bed room were installed; 2. Bedroom slide sticking and hard to get in and out turned out to be a missing screw on one roller which caused the roller to break; 3. Front left landing jack weld broke - Lippert would not help as their warantee only 1 year from the date they make the frame, which was 8 months before the RV was sold by the dealer. Heartland of no help; 4. black water cleanout line not secured, causing hose to break away from tank and flood bottom of trailer; 5. First microwave lasted 60 seconds (replaced by dealer); 6. First stereo lasted 2 CDs (not replaced by dealer); 7. Ceiling fan broke after warantee; 8. Hot water tank thermostat replaced; 9. swivel chair poorly finished (guest cut hand on nail sticking out of armrest); and more....

What ever happened to quality control? Heartland, obviously, is NOT an ISO quality company.

Glen Witter (Summerland, B.C. Canada)

Mark, 2013-09-22, 08:57PM CDT

We purchased a 2013 Prowler travel trailer and have had it in the shop twice already. We also have bulging front and rear end caps. The bulging is pulling on the edges and on the electrical connection and tailights on the rear cap. our trailer is still under warranty, however I just keep getting the run around from Heartland's company rep saying the end caps were designed this way. They are the same as a delaminated panel only Heartland designed them that way. When it is 90+ degrees outside they bulge so much they look like they are going to pop. Quality is non-existant and the engineering backs it up.

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