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Posted on Thursday, July 3rd, 2008 at 7:52pm CDT by Jim R.

Company: Municipal Services Bureau

Location: 6505 Airport Boulevard Suite 100
AUSTIN, TX, 78752, US

Category: Government, Police

I was contacted by Municipal Services Bureau (MSB) about a traffic ticket that I had plead not guilty to.

I had contacted the court on several occasions and was told not to worry and that I should wait for the notice since the court date had not been scheduled yet, but that did not stop Municipal Services Bureau from attempting to collect.

I was threatened to pay or go to jail. So I paid but continued with my defense and went to court where the charges were dismissed.

The judge ordered to return of all my money and eventually, The City of Austin did refund the money all but MSB's portion.

I have been calling Municipal Services Bureau repeatedly, leaving multiple messages with agents, supervisors and managers, but not one call has been returned, nor has the money been returned.

I was promised by the evening shift supervisor, the manager, Scott M. would call me back the following day, still no call.

I have been told by Municipal Services Bureau supervisors, that "MSB" does not verify any information sent to them, they take no responsibility for incorrect information.

There are serious implications to their lack of common sense and due diligence.

Some folks can lose their jobs or not be considered for a job, loans, order utilities, open bank accounts, buy auto or home insurance and many other other goods and services because of bad credit reports that "MSB" may file with invalid information.

In my case, I was found innocent and now, Municipal Services Bureau agents and managers are telling me more lies to get out of returning ill-gotten money from an honest hard working person.

I feel the all State Legislatures should, because of the devastating long term repercussions, create a law that requires all firms that can and do report alleged debtors to credit reporting agencies to verify the information submitted to them for collection is accurate.


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744233e3, 2008-07-14, 10:03AM CDT

Municipal Services Bureau (MSB) wants to assure the complainant and all readers that it takes disputes such as this very seriously and investigates them fully. In the event an error in operation is discovered as a result of this investigation which can be attributed to personnel or technical issues by MSB, MSB is resolved to fix those errors swiftly.

MSB has attempted to contact the complainant such that his concerns may be further addressed and hopefully resolved to his satisfaction. For confidentiality reasons, MSB cannot disclose on this public forum any specifics relating to the subject of this complaint or ensuing resolution thereof.


Elye C. Sackmary

Director, Operations

Municipal Services Bureau

5bb051ab, 2008-07-22, 03:38PM CDT

i just had a similar problem. they were mailing the notices to the wrong adress, and tried to tell me it was my fault. i contacted them because i saw the charges on my credit report, and they say i should have seen it sooner. when i called, the person on the other end was very rude and threatened to have me sent to jail if i did not pay right then, also, that military clauses did not apply to collection agencys. ( i was deployed for a majorety of the time they were mailing the notices to the wrong address. i too was disputing the ticket i was charged with, but they just wanted their money. i will be filing a formal complaint with the BBB and also will notify my defense council about the unethical behaviors of MSB, possibly file a civil suit to recover my losses and the damage to my credit score.

98e41805, 2009-01-08, 01:02PM CST

I am recieving the same treatment as far as being taken for my hard earned money.In a nutshell I was told that if I paid my account off via a credit card I would be able to attain my clearence with the courts in 48 hours versus paying by Western Union which takes 5 business days. The problem is that I had to pay a $10 fee to pay by phone. After I paid I was was told it would take the same time that it takes if you pay by Western Union. I am proceeding to contact The Texas Attorney General, the FTC and any and all regulatory agencies that oversee MSB.

24333234, 2009-01-12, 09:52AM CST

MSB is just a debt collector. When you talk to them, they make is seem as if they have the power to attach wages, lein homes, suspend your license, and intercept your tax refund. THEY HAVE NO POWER!!!!! they cannot do any of these things. If you live in a state where these things are legal, the original company owned can get a judgement against you and make those things happen, but MSB cannot. My advise is to treat them like any other debt collector. hang up on them. if you have to pay your debt, contact the original company and pay them. that way MSB will get NO PAYMENT. If everyone contacted by MSB did this, they would go out of buisness.

They try to bully you. DONT FALL FOR IT!!! they have no more power to do anything to you than a credit card company.

8176c9d8, 2009-01-14, 12:32AM CST

so I called them saying I owe payment for a ticket. they had no idea I needed to pay. they were real nice at first saying send in the 84.85$ and that if I send a money order it will be faster and I can avoid a 10.00$ fee.

Well i sent payment they keep telling me they never recieved it, and therefore should send another payment. I call the people who issued the money order, they said it was cashed on NOV 4th

I had given them the numbers on the MO and they say they cannot in any way serach for it, in fact the flat out refuse to. And yes the threats keep comming the calls... OMG these people should go to jail..

How can a company no be able to trace a payment??

ada5a53f, 2009-02-09, 01:07PM CST

Actually, in this particular case MSB has a deal with the state of Texas where they will suspend your Drivers License (with or without notification); ultimately resulting in arrest if you drive. It is basically imprisonment for debt.

6c7db21e, 2009-08-30, 06:24PM CDT

They threatened to send a bounty hunter after my husband... bounty hunters aren't even LEGAL in the state we live in! Its great that they call even AFTER a restraining order has been issued against it!!!

33b9b58a, 2009-11-19, 09:08PM CST

The BBB should definitely take a serious look at their accreditation of Municipal Services Bureau.

They charged me twice for a payment I made online, and didn't even notify me about it. They said that I had paid everything off. Now my bank account is suffering with an overdraft, they have refunded the money, but they are refusing to take the blame for the incident. Saying that it's my fault for the double transaction.

All I asked for was a letter explaining the situation to give to my bank. But they are insistent on making it my fault, and now I will have to pay ridiculous over draft fees, which probably, no one would have to pay if they just put it on paper.

Personally, there online Bill pay is atrociously primitive, and I am almost certain that their online system had something to do with it. Had my bank never posted the double charges, MSB probably would never have sent me a refund.

They are rude, and only looking to avoid liability for their mistakes. I am seriously considering reporting them to the BBB, and the courts they work with here in Hawaii.

37d6c6ac, 2010-01-14, 03:48PM CST

Same here, no traffic stops in 4 years!!! Go fuck yourself MSB!

fc51e5fd, 2010-01-22, 05:12PM CST

I just received a notice I had an outstanding water bill with a city I had lived in 6 years ago, to the tune of 100 bucks? Really? Not really! I pay my bills and owe Duncanville, Texas nothing! Don't you think the city would have contacted me directly of any arrears when I had moved and closed out my account? Now over 6 years later this "collection" company pops up out of nowhere! I swear these shiester collection companies just make crap up and then try to extort money from you with the threat of negatively affecting your credit!!! I wish they would make collection companies illegal! They are no better than organized crime! Deal with the person you had the debt with...PERIOD! End of story! I will contact Duncanville themselves, but I know I owe nothing. SCAM artists! They can go pound FRICKIN' SAND!

ff755654, 2010-09-14, 03:18PM CDT

I was told by MSB that my fine for driving without a liscense was a charge of $104.50 per year for 3 years. I paid the first year. They told me sometime (no specific date) that the next $104.50 would accrue. It has yet to show up and it is no Sep 15.

Who is in charge? The State? Or this for profit private corporation.

I along with some investigative reporters are going to do our own due diligence on this firm, its officers and Board of Directors. I hope I better not find any of them making major contributions to any legislators who authored the bill enacting the statutes giving them this governmental job for a for profit corp.

Government belongs in the hands of government.

616a04dd, 2010-10-30, 03:37PM CDT

I paid in full for the ONE DAY I was without insurance...and discovered that my driving privileges had been suspended ANYWAY. Now I learn MSB demands more money. Who is MSB? When did we vote them the privilege of robbing us ? The Texas Constitution Bill of Rights protects us from EXCESSIVE (see definition of surcharge) fines and from going to jail for debt. What is this crap and how on earth did it ever (allegedly) become law? And why on earth would ANYONE ever pay it????????????? You can rest assured that I will not.

c1d9a8f0, 2010-12-08, 12:38PM CST

Thank your Gov. Rick Perry and his egores!!

9ae9f1ce, 2011-01-10, 12:44AM CST

That's pretty stupid. Collection agencies get paid based on resolved accounts, not on dollars collected. If you pay the city, Agency still gets paid. If the city recalls a ticket, Agency still gets paid.

Agencies cannot suspend your license or put you in jail. That is up to the city. Agencies can, however, tell you what a city may be able to do.

Shut up and educate yourself.

Jim R., 2011-01-16, 07:47AM CST

To: Elye C. Sackmary

Director, Operations

Municipal Services Bureau

Municipal Services Bureau (MSB) has NEVER contacted me to resolve this manner, in fact they have an outstanding bill with me. I charged MSB a fee for their error in this incident which they refuse to pay. My next step is legal action. When a company acts in an irresponsible manner, there should be penalties to help incentivize then from bad and irresponsible behavior.

1d36e277, 2011-12-21, 04:10PM CST

yeah right.... thiefs... stealing hard earned citizens money...

4253cc28, 2012-02-17, 07:05PM CST

Same sort of scam received in the mail today.. Thanks for all your help in verifying it as a scam. Elye Sackmary, charging 600 dollars in fines when the reality is nothing more than 20$ was owed in the past year. These people are complete con artists and are trying to scam anyone they can. I for one am extremely disappointed in there actions and would like to see them rot in jail for trying to rip people off. return address may be faulty too.. only thing you can trust is the number 866- 427-5787 is not legit.. perhaps they should be investigated by the FBI, track down these people, lock them up, and get the money back to the people who were ripped off in the first place.

ccaef1ed, 2012-05-14, 01:10PM CDT

I am appearing on a ticket tomorrow, I have to drive from Dallas to Austin, get a hotel room, I am unemployed. How do I prove I paid a ticket that is 7 yrs old? the bank I used has closed down. I never leave unpaid tickets. DPS has always had my correct address. MSB is trying to create revenue for the State of texas and using extortion to do it. I am hoping the Judge will see how ridiculous this is!

c6c548b0, 2012-10-19, 03:48PM CDT

MSB is a rip off. They think we the people are stupid. They cant get my bill to me on time, and then when its late. they blame me! its your fault. I am filing a complaint with BBB, and will now let the news channels know about this scam. tell everyone. get them closed.

67685430, 2012-12-13, 10:30PM CST

I will just say all you people need to educate yourselves. MSB is a collections company. They go by what they are told from the courts. If it says your drivers license "may" be suspended, well guess what your license may be suspended. If they tell you you "may" have a warrant. Well guess what, you may actually have a warrant. And with a warrant, if you get pulled over or the city is doing warrant round-up, then you go to jail. Call the courts and find out for yourselves. Most of the courts will tell you to call MSB and pay directly. I suggest you educate yourselves and look into these matters and resolve them. IF you are getting called on something that has been paid, well you need to call the original creditor/court because THEY are the ones that sent it to collections. Stop complaining because you dont want to pay. I dont want to pay my debt, but Im not complaining about the people calling me to collect because Its MY problem, not theirs. They are doing their jobs.

Laura H., 2012-12-17, 11:11AM CST

Please sign the Petition to Stop the Gilia Group dba MSB NOW!!!!!This has already been sucessful in the Ft. Worth Area againstthe North Texas Tollway Authority. Just click the link below. I started this after being treated the same as all of you are responding above.

Thank You,

67685430, 2012-12-29, 12:29AM CST

To Laura H. You are ridiculous. Sign a petition? How about pay your debt. That sounds more simple to me.

Laura H., 2013-01-02, 09:20AM CST

Your an idiot! Read your bible about taxing your brother!! To create a corporation purely to get rich off of others extreme fines. I feel sorry for you.. If it is so

ridiculous why has it already been passed in other states. It should not be legal, period. Credit cards, mortgages, etc all have caps to prevent this. Slavery use to be legal too, should we have not tried to stop that as well. Think outside your little box.

67685430, 2013-01-18, 11:49PM CST

To Laura H. You do what you have to do ma'am, but Gila is a legit company and will remain a legit company. All the complaints you make will do NOTHING. So if it makes you feel better, fine, sign the petition. I dont have a little box to think outside of, I live in reality. And the reality is pay your bills or a collections company will call you. Simple as pie. Good day. :-)

Jason S., 2013-07-23, 10:05AM CDT

Hi everyone. I created a page to get everyone organized and create a organized discourse against this companies practices. please join and make your voice heard.

9f372ecb, 2014-02-18, 09:14AM CST

All of the Municipal Services Corporations are debt collectors for private parties, most of the time "foreigners" thru the Bonds these local governments put out.

ALL MUNI CORPS are committing RICO, Money Laundering, False Claims Acts.

Remember the corps ALL have to register and take an Oath, public or private, NO MORE PPP's

pubilc-private partnerships.

ROD CLASS _talkshoe radio aib

Baffled, 2014-03-19, 07:52PM CDT

I am getting daily voice messages from Municipal Services Corp. (caller ID says GILA), but I have no idea what the "serious" court matter is, or what debt they are attempting to collect. Wouldn't I have an idea what this is about if it were a legitimate call?

67685430, 2014-03-20, 11:25PM CDT

Its most likely a court fine to pay but they could also be calling the wrong number. Call them and see. They will remove a number if you request no more calls.

Thumper B., 2014-03-26, 11:47PM CDT

I have been getting calls from this company daily for LITERALLY months now (same phone number), with them never once identifying themselves. Caller ID simply shows the number, no name. The calls are always recorded and 'regarding an urgent court matter'. Once I even called the number back that they left and got a recorded response stating that there was nothing "associated" with my number. Yet the calls from them have continued on. Now today again I get another one of my daily calls from them (same phone number); however, for the first time it was a male voice who identified himself by name and said he was with the MSB. I have been reluctant to deal with these people even though I've never spoken with anyone there. I simply do not like their practices. One being that they call so repeatedly without identifying themselves, two being that the recorded message states that their call is in relation to an 'urgent court matter'. For one, if I had such an 'urgent court matter' I would have received something in the mail, in writing, advising me of such. Yet that is not the case. Thus, I am not going to fall for their little scam scare tactic to get me to call them so that they can try to weasel either some money or personal information, or both out of me. Beware of these people, IMHO, they are not good peeps. Additionally BTW, as an FYI - having read some of the previous blog entries, I would like to let you know, that it is ILLEGAL for collection agencies to not only harass you, but to threaten you in any way, shape, or form. So, even if you did or do owe some kind of court fine, they cannot use the threat of jail time, or license suspension, or anything. A COLLECTION AGENCY IS simply NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO THREATEN YOU. Regardless of whether you're facing jail time, your license is up for suspension, or not. All of that is irrelevant as far as a collection agency's practice goes. They cannot use any of that against you to try and collect any type of debt. Please be careful and consider yourself forewarned when dealing with this agency. Myself personally, I hang up on them. If I truly owe some court somewhere something, that court will contact me. Until then, I will not pay anybody anything. Besides, I live in Arizona, just moved here from California, and have never been in Texas. . . LOL

67685430, 2014-03-29, 12:51PM CDT

The reason MSB is able to say your license MAY be suspended or you MAY have a warrant is because they are contracted with the court. Meaning the debt was not bought, the court may have a warrant or suspension issued depending on type of ticket. You could always call MSB, see what fine is for, check with the court to confirm, then handle it to make sure you dont get arrested. MSB is not threatening or using scare tactics. They say thise things because the court wants them to so the defendant is aware of them.

0e4679a6, 2014-07-13, 04:08PM CDT

I had checked my credit score and I had an account in collections, I have NEVER been late on ANY payment and I looked it up and said it was for any state county or city government. I have only had one ticket in my life and I took care of it IMMEDIATELY. I could not get ahold of ANYONE, nor did anyone contact me, of course this was messing with my credit score and I wanted it off, I just checked it today and it had been removed. I contacted my bank and they told me it was a scam, so I started searching and found I was not the only one. I hope this helps anyone dealing with this group. I also hope it doesn't affect my credit score anymore.

142a1f16, 2014-10-21, 02:13PM CDT

Things are much better with MSB when dealing with toll tag fees. I had never received a bill and all of a sudden have 45+ dollars in fees on $8.02 in toll fees. I have a toll tag. The representative told me they had nothing to do with that. They just handled the billing.

It is nice that the State of Texas has handed over the billing of taxpayers to an organization like this!

b3d91053, 2014-12-15, 03:44PM CST

Got a ticket . Pay the fine and thing seemed fine. License ready to expire . Renewed them. A couple weeks later got pulled over for a bad taillight . Officer told me my license was suspended and I was under arrest . I explained they were just renewed and couldn't be suspended . He double checked and said they were . I was really confused. Next day got out of jail and got on the phone immediately . Turns out there was a surcharge that I was never made aware of. Been a nightmare for years now to keep a license. The state of Texas is a leader in Cronie Capitalism . Sure its easy to see through the little petty unsophisticated scams of the democrats . The real crimes is how there is so many situations set up to make big money for big money . I used to think I was a republican until I studied long and hard . They are saying are saying " are you going to believe what I say or your lying eyes ?

Most politicians have more on their plate than what they talk about .

8f4b0fa3, 2014-12-15, 09:58PM CST

liar liar pants on fire. I was led to believe I was talking to a government agency. I am called ordained ambassador, my title holds as an ambassador of the Constitution of the United States of America. I study very hard to make sure that we are all, as Americans treated with respect honesty and decency. The Constitution of the United States of America says if any human being gives me the impression I am NOT free to walk away, or end a conversation simply by the words being put on me the actions of another person uniform or badge, if I believe I am NOT free to walk away at any time my rights have been violated. I wanted to end the conversation, but I did not hang up because I was led to believe I was speaking to a true government allow somebody to believe 1 is a government official and one is not is illegal. No different things impersonating a policeman or any other position. This company is a private business. Allowing people to believe they are somehow government. However, they are no different than your local dishwasher, car salesman, bookstore attendant, or any other occupation that is not of the government. Yes they work for the government. As an outside agency. So, naughty naughty, bad form.

cbbf4c8b, 2015-01-06, 01:54PM CST

I had a payment due on 01/01/15. I called in the payment on 01/02/15 after trying to make a payment online and finding out that their system was down. I received a courtesy pay and a confirmation# however, immediately afterward the online payment went through. I called and was told that if I didn't receive a confirmation# that the payment probably wouldn't go through lol that was so far from the truth and getting a refund is a joke! I am so upset with all that I have to go through just to have the money credited to my acct or just let them have it. This company takes no responsibility for anything and the employees appear to be clueless. I am really going to enjoy taking off of work to get a bank statement and fax it in just to get credit to my acct for something that is their fault. I failed to mention that one of the first thing the lady on the phone mention was that they don't just refund and if I insisted it would take awhile. You guys need to get it together MSB!

e44d6206, 2015-02-11, 12:36PM CST

Hi there, I continue to get calls every day for the past 2 years from a Nicholas Rodriguez from the Municipal Services Bureau. I have tried to put my number on a do not call list. Any suggestions? I mean, really? Two years this has been going on every single day.


46b06876, 2015-02-19, 10:03AM CST

I say we file a class action law suit and take these clowns to surpreme court and demand they shut down immediately and also have the local government investigated by the people. Everyone including myself has had an issue with how they do practice. Also it is unlawful for them to suspend your license due to debt to a private company in which you never signed a contract to do business with in the first place. Where's the law of common sense here

6a6c7d11, 2015-03-05, 10:49AM CST

I traveled through north Texas in July 2014, took a toll road near Tyler for a few miles. I got back home to San Antonio a week later and figured I would receive a bill at some point. Six months later (February 24, 2015) I get two identical notices in two separate envelopes telling me I owe $63.68. These were the only notices I ever received and they show the toll fee was $2.68, the other charges are: processing $1.00, violation fee $15.00, second violation fee $15.00 and final notice fee $30.00. I'm retired now but traveled the world courtesy of Uncle Sam when I was younger; never got scammed this bad, even in the middle east where it's an art form. How and to whom do I protest this?

beb8d5dc, 2015-03-25, 08:25PM CDT

These people just called to collect a debt on a company that I have never transacted business from, it's only a holding company that has never made a purchase, or even opened a bank account.

Piss off MSB, you're scammers and I hope you die.

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