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WAL-MART is a shameless corporate entity dedicated to entice your kids into shoplifting, i.e., un-wrapping and eating a candy Bar,then arrest them in the most inhuman illegal way to brand them as criminals.

When you hear of Wal-Mart one always think of the Giant Chain stores which bring cheap Chinese made products to destroy American and Canadian productive forces, Wal-Mart destroys local businesses, destroy local communities, destroys the Unions, all in the name of providing Cheap products for us and Free Market Economy.

It never occurred to us that we would have been better off to have saved all that is good for our community, our industry, our productivity, our environment and our economy. Maybe it is time to rethink this once more!

WALMART NOW IS A THREAT TO OUR KIDS.IT is the lower middle class and bargain hunters working families, who in these hard economic times go to Wal-Mart in search of Bargains.

They would not know that their kids would be caught by vicious Security Guards of Wal-Mart stores all over the country and charged for shoplifting a Candy or a Chocolate Bar or a one dollar kid stuff.

In Canada the Lobby's of this vicious Giant in collaboration with corrupt politicians has put a law in the book that would brand a poor kid who picks up a one dollars candy as Criminal.He would be arrested, humiliated and charged with shoplifting and "theft under $5000.00" and you would be paying thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Do you see what really happens in Walmart, You try to save couple of dollars for some Chinese imported junks but actually you would be spending thousands just to defend you kis for a $2-00 junk that he picked up!

criminal. Wal-Mart is a dedicated trap for the simply dumb, unaware and deprived kids as criminals.

The local Police in Scarborough are delighted to get the immigrant kids, arrest them, and bringing them under the Criminal Justice Control and their wide security Net, so that it may know and trace their movements later on in life.

Actually, by criminalizing and encouraging WALMART to arrest your kids the Police is entrapping everybody in a seemingly exposed easy to pic-k busy market, to bring their kids, with no proper warning, and go stray, get cut and get a criminal record.

This way the local law enforcement officials instead of chasing the giant Mafias that now run Prostitution, drugs, gangs in Scarborough and other part of Toronto are wasting our tax money chasing our kids and criminalizing their silly acts.

We want everybody know what happened to us in WALMART, so that everyone in the community warns their kids, either not to go to WALMART or be extremely cautious.

I would like to explore the possibility of fighting a case and challenging a 2 dollars shoplifting case which is called theft under $5000.00 dollars. I did not expose any documents. I was arrested right out side the door of Wal-Mart after opening the wrap of a 2 dollars package and carrying it in my pocket. Wrong, and no matter what the defense it is better to be none! There is no defense for a stupid action and you can not explain it away. You should tell your kid to shut up and ask for a lawyer! Whatever you do not talk and do not explain. This is exactly what would happen to your kid and you should make sure every kid entering Wal-Mart know the consequences of his dumb action in Wal-Mart.

The moment the security guys which are crawling all over notice you, because of some profiling criteria they use, being ethnic, blacks, accent, dressing etc. you would be traced and followed.

When they arrest you outside Wal-Mart all your liberties would be gone. You have no rights. You are a Criminal under arrest. They search you without warrant. They take possession of anything you might have in your pocket. The security guys are the worst scum of the earth selected from the cheapest ugliest and the most deprived ex-criminals, especially vicious about the people from their own class and ethnic backgrounds. They read you no rights. They would virtually frame you as a person who resisted arrest, refused to come with them inside the store and that is why they immediately hand-cuff you. Everything they find in your possession can become evidence used against you for some other charge. Take this seriously, as a copy of your mother????????????????s heath card or your father????????????????s credit card in your pocket, all are fair game.

You are a fair Game in Wal-Mart and everything would be seized and would be laid on the desk while you arte hand-cuffed. Everything would be taken out of your possession, without any probable cause by the Wal-Mart security and given to the police before I was taken to the Station. Documents were forcefully seized and pulled out from my pocket without a search warrants or my consent. Later on, on the Police disclosure Statement it would be claimed that you resisted arrest, they arrested you because you wanted to run, they manhandled and pushed and insulted you because you were trying to flee and refused to give your name!!

The law gives these criminals the right to violate the Civil Rights of people just because shoplifting under 100 dollars should have been an infraction rather than a crime! However, I challenge the manner of Arrest and would like to explain the incident as it really happened and explore any violation of my civil rights, the manner of search and seizure of my documents, and register my complaint against the Wal-Mart Security Guard, and the Police. To prove my case I hereby request the Court to provide all security Cameras record in WALMART from the time of arrest, statement of three WALMART security persons who were present at the time of arrest and also Camera record of all WALMART Video-audios record from the time of arrest and inside the security room of WALMART.


1. I was arrested and rapidly handcuffed without resistance, as the security Cameras and two other security men who were present would corroborate. I was never advised of my rights to Council. Never was given an opportunity.

2. I was taken to the security room, shoved, cursed and pushed to seat. Then, as I objected to the abuse and requested them to call the police I was manhandled by a violent and disrespectful ex-criminal who is now Wall-Marts security agent.


3. Even if I provided my name, my hands were cuffed, I was searched. My pockets were emptied by the agent. Even if I provided my name, the Wal-Mart security took my Wallet and start searching my wallet and counts my money and takes my cards. I insisted that they should call for a Police and finally they called. All record of this abuse should be recorded as they told me the room has an audio-video recording. Everything they seized without warrant from me was lying on the desk when Police arrived and instructed them to take the handcuffs away.

4. The Police saw the bruises on my wrist and I told the Police that I am charging the agent for assault and violation of my civil rights, and he ignored. All the times my IDs and Cards were laid on the table and I told my name again to the Police man exactly as it appeared on my HEALTH CARD and he had no reason to take me to the station. He said I am taking you to the station JUST to prove your identity, even I told them the same name and provided the same identity all the time all with my date of birth and my picture.

5. While in Custody, I was immediately threatened by the Detectives that he is going to keep me in jail, and when I asked again and again to consult an attorney, they threatened to break my bones; and,finally they let me talk to a defense council who said they would let me go as soon as they confirm my ID. She told me does not talk to police until you talk to an attorney.

6. When they refused to let me go, I requested again and again to talk to an attorney and they never opened the door and at one occasion a voice from a big fat detective shut back that "if I don't stop, he would come and break my bones". Therefore, all recorded voice/videos of conversation which record inside and outside the cell in the station would prove their actions

I would not be surprised if every kid who goes through this humiliating experience would join a Gang to get his revenge at the unjust system and become what the pre-crime WalMart units wants him to become : a criminal!


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234fa33d, 2008-08-14, 02:42PM CDT

"WALMART PROFIT RISE" as the nation economy goes down.

All over North America Businesses are failing and Foreclosures is the name of the game.

Yet WalMart profit is rising, they make contribution to the Police so Police prosecute the working-class kids for a $2.00 item, the same people who come to WalMart for a Bargain!

I am not surprised that Police is not paying attention to the Sprawling Prostitution flats, opening all across Toronto and spreading HIV,Warts and other venereal diseases.

Law enforcements should treat crimes with differentially. Considering we have limited resources are tax money, which pays their salaries should go first to same us from Gangs and organized crime that is bringing drug and organized prostitution, not a shoplifter in WalMart! Society is hiring police to defend its interest and not Walmart, and it is high time that Police realizes this fact!

c458eec9, 2008-11-20, 12:33PM CST

Shoplifting is shoplifting whether it be $2 or 2 cents...you still took what you did not pay for!! You are a thief suck it up you do the crime you do the time!!

083b9cea, 2009-07-16, 09:41AM CDT

You took something that did not belong to you from the store and did not pay for it. You steal! It may be $2 this time but how many other times have you done it. This all adds up to big dollars lost. Why do you feel you don't have to pay for things while everyone else does? How about the employees of Walmart come over to your house and take whatever they want from you! If you don't like the punishment that you received then maybe you should not steal in the first place.

361fb4c9, 2010-02-20, 02:12AM CST


I can't believe I wasted my time reading this drivel. You are a pathetic individual who would rather blame others for your shortcomings than to grow up and accept responsiblity for your actions.

You are pathetic.

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