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Posted on Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 at 1:46pm CDT by ec94affc

Company: Toshiba Plasma TV

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I purchased a Toshiba 42HP66 plasma screen television on 04/07/07.

On the 22nd of July the picture was gone, so I took the television to

thier recommended repair center. The Y board is out and the cost to

repair is $549.13. I called the company and explained the television is

only 15 months old and they refused to consider paying for the cost of

the repair because after July 07, it was too far out past warranty. We

paid almost $1700.00 for the television and I believe it should have

lasted longer than that. I would think that Toshiba would stand behind

their products better than that.


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0413cac3, 2008-10-19, 05:25PM CDT

We had the same issue with this set. I emailed Toshiba with my dissatisfation. I also know there is a class action lawsuit aginst their DLP TVs for misrepresenting the life span of their bulbs. I found another blog wherre there are about five or six other customers with the same problem. Do you know how many people have complained about theis model TV?

1834b9f3, 2008-11-12, 03:27PM CST

We have also experienced the same problem that you are talking about, I am very disappointed in Toshiba and I will no longer purchase their products, It seems like this is a problem that should be on a manufacturer recall so that us the consumer don't have to eat the cost. I would be willing to sign a law suit against them if there is one in place already

7255ef77, 2008-11-17, 01:41PM CST

I to purchased a Toshiba 50HP66 plasma on 11/2006 had the tv repaired on 11/2007 and now the tv doesn't work at all. Toshiba refuses to pay the cost of repair.

a1ede387, 2009-01-01, 02:56PM CST

We are also having the same problem. Our 42HP66 is only 2 years old. While watching the TV we heard a load POP and the picture went out. We still have sound.

fdcb6cbf, 2009-01-30, 09:54PM CST

We also bought a 50HP66 in 11/06. Same pop, same disgust in Toshiba customer service. There is a website you might be interested in that has many complaints concerning Toshiba Corporation. I am personally disgusted with Toshiba and will never buy another Toshiba product again.

59f059bb, 2009-02-05, 09:37AM CST

I also bought a 50" Toshiba 1080i plasma TV. I lasted a little over 2 years. When I tlaked to Toshiba customer service, which by the way, has got to be close to the worst customer service of any electronics company, they were no help at all. They directed me to a local company that certified for several companies. When I walked in I saw Toshiba TVs everywhere. Keep in mind that this place was certified by not only Toshiba, but Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and others as well. My guess is that about 70% of the TVs sitting there were Toshiba. Not a good sign. They did the initial evaluation and said the logic board was bad and would be more than $500 to replace. I declined for a couple of reasons. The prices on LCD and Plasmas are going down and I can get something better for just a little more than the repair proice, and 2nd, if I repaired the TV, I would still have a Toshiba, which seems to be the least reliable TV of all the name brands. This is not the first TOshiba product I have had a similar experience with. I had a DVD player that lasted a couple of years and I got the same customer service experience as with the TV. The best thing we all can do is never buy anything with the Toshiba brand in it. It is likely, if you do, that both the product and the service will suck.

ab142956, 2009-06-22, 11:41PM CDT

I have a similar problem with my Toshiba 42HP66 plasma. The sound still works, but the picture is gone. My tv is only 2 1/2 years old. Unfortunately, Toshiba will not stand by their product and make a repair. Their customer support manager called this product "old" and would not say that a customer should expect this product to work beyond the 1 year limited warranty. Very unhappy with this product and the customer service (or lack thereof).

445452ac, 2009-12-15, 06:51PM CST

We have the same tv 42HP66 2006 we got it and the same thing happened to us. with the screen. We spent around $2,000 dollars for it. Is there anything we could do about this?

5eac56b3, 2010-01-15, 11:54AM CST

we also have a problem with the same model.Contacting the company didn't help.Advice to anyone who wants to buy Toshiba products----don't buy!!!! They don't support their products.

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