Sears - Sears Internet/Store fiasco

Posted on Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 at 10:42am CDT by cbc675d5

Product: Washer/Drier

Company: Sears

Location: 3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL, 60179, US


Category: Other

5/9 I ordered a Washer/Drier From I received an ad in the mail that orders placed 5/14 - 5/16 would be on sale.

5/15, I called Sears back, prepeared to cancel the order if need be, and re-order on line at the sale price. Customer sevice (Kevin) told me they could take care of the adjustment for me. (after all, this is part of the on-line "Price Protection Policy")

5/20 the product did not arrive. I called Customer service back, and was transfered back and forth between customer service, delivery, and Customer Service Supervision. Sears had cancelled my order without notifying me. They claimed it was "Out of Stock" and I needed to reorder, but the sale was over. They then "Found" inventory at the local store and delivered it, but now charged full price instead of the sale price.

7/29 after repeated attempts by mail, email and phone, Sears has not responded to my requests for correction on the price. The customer service supervisor (Gayle) has an attitude, and tried to convince me that I was somehow in wrong to ask for the sale price that they (Sears) offered, and "guaranteed" and accused me of "Stealing".


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