texaco car dealers andauctioneers - no help when they are wrong

Posted on Monday, July 28th, 2008 at 4:48pm CDT by 38e81f1c

Product: vehicle/mitsubishi legnum vr4

Company: texaco car dealers andauctioneers

Location: 830 grt south road penrose auckland
auckland, pe, not sure, NZ

Category: Other

my wife and i had purchased a puppy and paid for it over the net we went too tauranga to pick this husky puppy up and on our way we had a blow out on our left rear tyre and for starters there was no wheel brace to take the nuts off plus 4 wheel nuts were the same and one different one on every wheel so thats 2 different sizes of nuts and no wheel brace anyways the police came and asked us to move but first they gave us a chance to change our wheel so they got some of there guys to bring wheel braces anyways we got the tyre off then i go and get the space saver from the boot and the car dealers texaco penrose gave us a 4 studded tyre and our car is a 5 stud so the police asked us to move our car off the auckland motorway out of danger as it was i knew it would have wrecked the wheel but we had no choice because it is illegal to park on the motorway so we got a relative which luckily his one spear fitted and a socket set for the nuts. Now first thing the next morning my wife rings these car dealers texaco penrose and tells them what had happened and he said to my wife he will reimburse the money if we got it fixed but we had no money to get it fixed so we took it to the car dealer SIMON MCLOUD he had a look at the wheel and says it's fucked and that's going to be expensive but what i can do for you is give you a space saver i tried explaining to him if we had the proper space saver then we would have not been in that predicament so there it is public daylight robbery and nuthin i can do about it so mum had a go at him for not helping us so he kicked us out and called the police now i don't know what to do ??????????


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