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Posted on Monday, July 28th, 2008 at 1:01am CDT by effdf8df

Product: Movie Rental

Company: Seventymm Services Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Bangalore, Ka, 560018, IN


Category: Other

The website and their sales executives claim that the company has the best service history in movie rentals, but I would rate it as the worst.

I have never ever experienced such negligence in the service industry as this company does. I have repeatedly tried to complain to the customer service department (phone, e-mail), and all my complaints have gone in vain. I pay money and experience such horrendous service from this company. Their negligence in service are as follows:

- Not delivering movies as promised

- Delivering movies of your choice (I pay money to see movies of my choice and not theirs)

- Not informing about any changes in schedule

- Customer service not being reachable

- Lies told by the customer service representatives to put off the complaint that I make

- Not responding to call back request

The list does continue, but I do not have the patience to continue. The company is really good in follow-up when it comes to payments. I received at least 2 calls each day since the time of my registration in their website, and also for payment of monthly subscription. But I hardly receive calls from them to inform about any change in their scheduled delivery, unavailability of DVD/VCD etc.

These guys are money-minded #@**%$!, and they have very little intentions towards improving their service and customer base.

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Anonymous, 2009-08-06, 11:45PM CDT

you are dot on .

you have actually been mild in your comments .. these guys are rouges .. day time dacoits ..

you were lucky your e mail id worked. mine hasnt and sice they cashed the cheque i have been looking for them.. they send wrong movies . the dvd does not work and basically are cheats .. need to take them to consumer court .. someone will have to do it soon before they rip of more people and scoot away ..

shocking after sales services


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