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Posted on Monday, July 28th, 2008 at 8:05pm CDT by 605cbdea

Product: Pool Pilot Digital DG 220

Company: Suburban Pools

Location: 9984 Pines Blvd. (Main Office)
Pembroke Pines, FL, 33024, US

Category: Other


I own a pool salt generator that wasnt working. I called the manufacturer (Autopilot Systems)and they refered me to an authroize service provider (Suburban Pools). They came out on 6/9/2008 and after an hour the tech (John) had a hard time dianosing the problem. He replaced a circuitboard and came up to me and said I owed $507.23. He never gave me an estimate, never showed me the circuitboard. 4 days later the system computer gave the same error message as before "low amps cell". I called Suburban Pools back out and they replaced the main computer / cell cord and wanted to charge another $75. I refused to pay it and said I felt this was the problem all along. They disconnected the system and walked off the job. I called the manufacturer field rep with Autopilot and he sent me a cord for free. He said he felt THIS WAS THE PROBLEM ALL ALONG. System has been working fine ever since. In the technicians words "its like replacing the car engine without first replacing the battery cable" it doesnt make sense.


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b39131b8, 2009-08-31, 11:12AM CDT

Most companies will ripp you off if you don't have an idea of what's wrong with your system. I get quotes before I allow anyone to touch my equipment, then I watch the work.

Right now I need a new circut board which I can install myself, so please give me a price for a circut board for a DIG-220 digital auto pilot. A new power supply cost $625.00.

a952b071, 2010-09-20, 08:39AM CDT

Good luck with this problem. I hope everyone out there educate themselves before purchasing products, I'd hate to see people spending their hard earned money on items that repeatedly fail and have extremely poor customer/warranty service.

0667c504, 2014-04-08, 09:49AM CDT

I need to buy a 12 feet Cell Cord number 952-1 and a 12 feet Tri-Sensor cord number 956-DIG for Pool Pilot Digital DG-220. Where can I buy these parts by internet. I live Quebec, Canada.

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