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Posted on Monday, July 28th, 2008 at 2:27pm CDT by ae032518

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After reading many bio's and descriptions of medical services/institutes/organizations in the plastic surgery,body augmentation fields, many of these doctors claim to be awarded or recognized as a "one of America's top doctors...", etc. by the National Consumer Research Council of America. I have done searches for this organization but can find now website for them! Search results consist only of links to these type of doctors and their websites. Is this a hoax contrived by these doctors in order to insinuate their grandeur? If this is the truth, it is so incomprehensible, deceptive and sleazy that all reference should be abolished and these "professionals" severely censured! Does anyone know of this, "National Consumer Research Council of America"


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96d5f6d0, 2008-12-02, 11:11AM CST

Hi, I am actually an Orthodontist and have recd a letter saying that I have been included in the "Guide to America's Top Dentists" by this same organization. I never applied for inclusion, and they claim they do not take donations, fees, etc to be included. However, they sell plaques that are pretty expensive, which say that I am among top dentists, etc. this is such a scam!! Please do not go by any listings they have, it is an insult to me as a professional that such scams exist. This tells me that any other dentist can claim to be the best, without any basis or research!! i hope consumers get more aware of this and disregard the plaques in offices that do end up buying and displaying them.

9e5d576f, 2009-01-09, 04:23PM CST

I'm a dentist and I got a nice letter telling me I was included in their new "America's Top Dentists" for 2009. They also invited me buy buy a nice expensive trophy to let my patients know of my "accomplishment". Since I never heard of this "Council" I was skeptical from square one.

I don't think their "Guide to America's Top Dentists" actually even exists. I went to their website which doesn't even have a way to order copies of the guide!

The actual list of "America's Top Dentists" is conspicuously absent from the website as well. There is a very basic search engine where you can check if a particular dentist is on the "list". I entered dozens of names, and as far as I can tell, every practicing dentist in the country is on the list. Apparently these people are in business only to sell bogus 'awards' to any sucker who will buy one. I feel bad for the professionals who are so easily duped, and I feel worse for patients who are being shown a perfectly meaningless "accomplishment" and thinking that they must have a really good doctor.

c9cd727a, 2009-01-17, 05:55PM CST

I agree with the original poster AND the orthodontist comment. I would urge consumers DO NOT believe the "America's Top XXX" claims by Consumers' Research Council of America"! I am a specialist dentist myself, and my wife is also a dentist. We both too received mailings from Consumers' Research Council of America saying that we were "selected" to be on of "America's Top Dentist" In the same mailing, they are trying to sell us expensive plaques stating the baseless self-proclaimed title. We of course did not go along with these advertising schemes. I feel that the "selection" from this organization have little merit. Their selection is based on very basic info such as degree and years of practice (according to their own website. I feel that they just send their mailings to any doctors they can find with basic credentials and try to sell us their expensice palque. Any doctor who put this hollow credential on their advertisement is simply being dishonest to the consumers.

71824b92, 2009-02-09, 05:43PM CST

Their webpage is:

5eae6596, 2009-02-16, 12:50PM CST

I had a feeling right from the start this company is a scam to sell plaques so they can get a commission from Both sites do not exist and it is a shame they are doing it this way. I wrote them to find out who they are and if they could provide a magazine of the "Top Dentist" and they could not provide a magazine because they do not issue them any longer. I did my research and am now convinced this place is a SCAM.

c3ae722d, 2009-07-31, 01:35PM CDT

I would like to add my two cents regarding SLD industries since I have recently received acknowledgment of my inclusion in the "Guide to America's Top Physicians". I found this absolutely hilarious since I have been out on disability for the past nine years. This is absolutely a scam of the highest order. They should not be allowed to do this.

c01683aa, 2009-08-07, 10:14AM CDT

I just received a similar congratulatory letter from SLD Industries and for a brief second, I thought that perhaps someone on the national scene had gotten wind of the great practice my team and I are developing way down here in MS !!

HA HA....glad I ck'd the web. Such a scam not unlike a lot of other goings-on in healthcare these days...and who suffers?...our pts. I have seen these in other physicians' offices before and

feel sorry for the pts who may see the plaque and get a false sense of security. H.Jones, MD

be8577cb, 2009-08-19, 03:27PM CDT

Don't blame the doctors. I'm an MD and just received my congratulatory letter for being a top physician for 2009. Amusing since I've been retired since 2001. If you buy one of these expensive plaques and display it, you are just advertising that you are a sucker.

5085d519, 2009-09-23, 01:25PM CDT

I just received notification that I was included in this "prestigous" award. They say the selection process is based on a point value system that accounts for eduation, years in practice, and affiliations with professional associations. I'm still in training and, hence, have ZERO years in practice! What a crock!

e4d1a4b2, 2009-10-07, 06:52AM CDT

That's America now isn't it!! Good thing we checked it out.

c363a612, 2009-11-16, 01:38PM CST

I do believe the hoax is onthe physicians. There is no listing of those doctors any where. Doctors thinking they were selected do not have a reference but there is a company thatdistributes the plaques for this company. Being one who was duped I looked for my name on the list and it has not been made public.

fff2a702, 2009-12-01, 02:42PM CST

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, I also received a letter stating I was nominated. I contacted them and they gave me a good explanation on how they nominated me. I got an award for my office. Now, I read this and I do not know what to think??


9a9a4b07, 2010-02-08, 07:54PM CST

My boyfriend is a well respected prosthodontist, and he says it is common knowledge in the dental field that this is a scam. He asked me if I wanted to be a top dentist! He gave me the plaque order. I'm not even a dentist! Unfortunately, patients don't know this. My boss told me her dentist wad one of americas top dentists. I laughed! And had to explain it to her!

c3dda8e8, 2010-03-01, 09:45AM CST

i've recieved many of these mailings and i SUCK as a dentist... so...

what's up with that?

22f97687, 2010-05-13, 12:29PM CDT

I don't agree. I have voted and nominated fellow collegues on/for this award several times. I have even nominated some yet they did not recieve the award. My associate used to get extremely upset because I received the award yet he did not. I also have never purchased a plaque! I think possibly, some of you (on disability etc.) may be nominated by a collegue and don't realize it.

34769c11, 2010-05-14, 02:06PM CDT

As a newly graduated dentist with 3 weeks experience I was nominated as a Top Dentist in America. Then I was offered the opportunity to buy a plaque stating I was a top cosmetic dentist in America despite me never completing a cosmetic case. Any clinician who displays these should be ridiculed and reported to a state board.

4edc38dd, 2010-06-23, 04:22PM CDT

This has nothing to do with the doctors trying to "insinuate their grandeur" It has to do with a company trying to sell their product. I received this congratulations letter as well- it came unsolicited by me. Along with the letter, I received a catalogue of bogus plaques that I could order for display in my office. These ranged in price from $99-$530. Everyone is trying to make a buck!

67b1ae2c, 2011-03-27, 01:13PM CDT

I don't think most doctors realize it's fake.

51ea2d7b, 2014-03-12, 02:56PM CDT

Read this article done by ABC News. It enlightens us about this "top doctor" award industry, apparently based on the same model as the various "Who's Who" scams:

"ABC News Investigates Top Doctor Awards: Are They Always Well Deserved?"

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