Dish Network - Misrepresention

Posted on Sunday, July 27th, 2008 at 7:54am CDT by 01b7de1f

Product: Satellite Television

Company: Dish Network

Location: PO Box 105169 Atlanta GA 30348-5169
Atlanta, GA, 30348-5169, US


Category: Other

When I first called to have Dish Network installed I got there deal at the time which was free install and 29.95 a month ( or close to that ). At this time I asked the girl that was helping me if this package included we would get Lifetime and she assured me that we would I told her that if I changed our service provider and on saturday my wife did not have Lifetime she would have my head again she told me that we would have lifetime. Well lo and behold on saturday after install of Dish we had no lifetime I was in big trouble. So I got online (not wanting to waste time) and found the package with lifetime.Now my bill is thee times the price.Also this two room box with dvr is junk you can not watch different shows on tv and record something else on the dvr. I called Dish and all they say is maye there will e a special next month. Just great


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