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Posted on Sunday, July 27th, 2008 at 2:16pm CDT by f95a83f3

Company: Bob's Discount Furniture

Location: 1450 Worcester Road
Framingham, Ma, 01702, US

Category: Other

My wife & I bought $2893.00 worth of furniture on 7/15/06 from Bob's Discount. On 8/11/06, we called Bob's and we told employee, our mattress collasped & we were sleeping in a hole. Bob sent out a technician with a stick & said mattress is bad & go to store for a new one. Till this day, I think mattress was used, plastic was open & a ink circle on one of tags. On 8/12/06, we got new mattress, both my wife & I were waking up with back problems, we called Bob's & he sent out tech with his wooden stick & again told us mattress was no good. I'd like to say both my wife & myself weigh under 200lbs. We both decided, we're not going to buy anything else from Billy's Bob's. As of this writing 7/27/08, we still have $1049.00 on account with Bob's, I gone through all channels to get monies back to no avail. I can only use money to purchase more junk from Bob's, which we intend not to do. I was thinking of buying $1049.00 of junk furniture from Bob's & donate to a homeless shelter & see how long furniture holds up. I can use a good write-off on taxes.

P.S. We also bought Guardsman Elite Protection Plan

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a6f043ae, 2008-10-08, 08:54PM CDT

Same thing happened to me. I did not purchase the bob o pedic but a pillow top mattress that was the firmest pillow top that they had.

Well the mattress started to sag after a week. I would wake up and I would be inside the mattress, not on top. I now have back problems from this. I exchanged the mattress for the same style, minus the pillow top, figuring that it was just a manufacturers defect like they had told me.

Well same thing happened again on the second mattress. I called customer service and told them that I was tired of their crap mattresses and that I was gonna send them my chiropractors bills if I did not get a refund. Well they told me that they could not give me refund untill a tech came out to look at the mattress.

So a tech came out and started asking me things like if I put a ball on the mattress to push it down or if I was jumping on it. He then said to me that he has never seen them this bad.

One I am not a kid, I don't jump on a bed I bought for close to 900.00 and second what would a ball do when I weigh 185lbs? Third, this is the second mattress I have seen like this and that must be why he still has a job. The guy is lucky I did not punch him. Then he gets on the phone with customer support and speaks to the lady on the phone about me and the mattress for like 5 minutes right in front of me.

So by the time I got on the phone with the lady on the phone, I kicked the buy out and was rather pissed.

They told me that all they could give me was a credit or an exchange. I informed them that I wanted neather and that I was not happy with their mattress's. I got a suppervisor on the phone and they informed me that I will have a refund.

If they don't want to refund you the money you can always inform them that you can keep getting mattresses from them and they can keep spending more money on techs and exchanges like they are right now.

Like you said as well, I believe that my mattress might have been used as well cause the tag was written on as well and it was all wrinkled as well.


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