GMC - Big Trucks

Posted on Sunday, July 27th, 2008 at 4:04pm CDT by 3389c741

Product: GMC

Company: GMC

Location: Lake Jackson, tx, 77566, US

Category: Other

How about the people that have these big huge trucks with tailpipes as big as racecars? I had one <<<yuuuckkkkk>>> pass by me on the road today. Its pipe was off to the right so a smoke blacker than that of 18-wheelers top pipe came at me in my face every time he pushed forward on the gas. This person lives on Mimosa St in LJ, TX 77566 It is a gigantic red truck on tires as tall as children. People today think they have to have these vehicles-- for what??? What farm animals do you cart around or farm materials? How often do you leave the city to goto your farm? You dont have a farm--you are part of what ruins the clean air for us to breathe. This was black black black smoke, guys and girls, and we were not racing. We were here in this pretty little small town that is taken advantage of by needless additives of crap.

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