- charged my credit card without letting me know that

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I purchased a drug at in 2006. In June 2008, I went to their website and attempted to place a refill for that drug (I new there were unused ones). The website did not allow me to place the order. I called them and customer service representative told me it is because prescription has expired. After that, they called me > 10 times and insisted that I send them a new prescription. I told them no, I will buy it in a U.S. pharmacy. Finally, a lady asked whether or not I want to cancel the order - I said yes, please do it and stop calling me. A few days ago, I found that they charged my credit card $30 cancellation fee. I never provided them my credit card information, they used what they had on file for the 2006 order! I never really placed the order - they are now saying I did place it online (even though it does not show up on my account - the only thing that they added there is the cancellation fee)! They never told me there is a fee associated with the cancellation of an order - when I called, their manager was first telling me that he has the recording of the phone conversation with a customer rep. where I was made aware of the cancellation fee and agreed to pay it, but refused to play it for me (he can only do it for my attorney!); after a while he stopped talking about it and began telling that I should have seen information about $30 cancellation fee when I placed the order online. Who cares that I never hit Place the Order button, never provided my credit card information for this order, and never received an order confirmation by e-mail, and by the way, never received any recipt, even for the cancelation fee! Beware of this company, they will keep you credit card info on file, wait till you go to their website, charge your credit card and tell you a story about how you placed and order with them and cancelled it. One thing that puzzles me is why they do not understand that dealing with customers in this way will result in more business losses than those $30 they are getting.

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3809b72e, 2009-08-31, 02:01PM CDT

You had to have give the pharmacy your credit card numbers and the security number on back of the card.

Yes, prescriptions have a expiration date for refills.I missed by 2 days after that date and had to get new prescriptions.

I been dealing w/ canada pharmacy for 5 years,and for the low prices, I grin and Bear IT!

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