Toyota of Richardson - Beware of their used cars

Posted on Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 8:16am CDT by 000098fd

Product: Toyota of Richardson used cars

Company: Toyota of Richardson

Location: 1221 N. Central Expressway
Richardson, Te, 75080, US


Category: Other

Beware they sell water damaged/flood cars from auction before checking them out. They sold me a 2 year old low mileage Tundra that has apparently been in water at some point possibly up to the door handles. The smell was unbearable and they have tried everything to get rid of it shy of buying it back. It smelled like someone had actually died in the truck after the hot Texas sun hit it for a few days. Of course they told me the smell would go away and it was because the carpets were cleaned and weren't allowed to dry properly. Smell didn't get better, got worse. After about two weeks of back and forth with them on a solution they gave me the offer of trading for another truck on their lot or to have new carpet installed. They wouldn't even consider a refund. By this time my trade had already been sold or traded so there was no getting it back either. I ended up having to purchase a more expensive truck than I had planned on just to be done with the whole thing. On the second truck they had me over a barrel on price and I had no choice but to get an attorney or just pay the difference. I figured it was going to cost money either way so I took the less painful route. The used car manager is about as crooked as they come. The assistant general manager can't make a decision and stick to it and the GM over the dealership won't return calls to unhappy customers. I learned a lesson but hopefully you can learn from my mistake. Tell your friends!

Walk... NO RUN as fast as you can!!!


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