AT&T Local - AT&T Billing Problems

Posted on Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 3:29pm CDT by 0ef9a300

Company: AT&T Local

Location: Sacramento, CA, US


Category: Other

On September 10, 2007, I paid my AT&T local service bill of $38.23 through my bank's online billpay service, and on October 19, 2007, I paid my AT&T local service bill of $88.04, also through my bank's online billpay service. Neither payment was credited to my local service account by AT&T, and the amount of these payments, $126.27, appeared as a past due amount on my November 2007 AT&T bill. After nine months and eighteen phone conversations with various AT&T customer service representatives, I was told that the payments had been located (they had been mistakenly credited to 'AT&T legacy,' the long-distance arm of AT&T, rather than my AT&T local service account) and the issued had been resolved. However, my most recent bill is still showing the payments as past due, and according to my most recent conversation with AT&T customer service, the company for some reason decided that I still owe these amounts as well as a late charge on the amounts. I'm about ready to give up, pay the charges again, and change to other providers.


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