Philips - Philips TV 20PT1782 poor quality-service

Posted on Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 12:32am CDT by 57f414eb

Product: Philips 21TV

Company: Philips

Location: IN

Category: Other

Buying major appliances like TVs is a decision based on customer's perceived image of the brand and prior experience of service, Some brands like philips are so well established in Indian psyche that lack of quality or service over years hardly appears to erode their image. It requires consistent disregard for the brand name to accomplish it as my experience with my 21" Philips TV-20PT1782- I bought some time ago, shows. From the beginning, It had consistent problems with psychedelic colors on screen repeatedly. It was fixed free of charge several times, during warranty period . Subsequently over the years I paid about 25 percent of the cost of TV periodically to get rid of the problem almost like a health insurance premium. Recently the authorized service centre said the tube had to be replaced at about 5000 rupees! I wanted to give Philips an opportunity to redeem their quality and service image and brand loyalty of customers. Which could have been easily redeemed, the price of a brand new TV of the same size is only about 7000, 50 percent less than what I paid for it. I have had Indian companies like Bajaj, Wipro and even ebay dealers jump at the opportunity I offered, for items years later. They perceived it as an opportunity to regain customer confidence. I am appalled that Philips despite repeated complaints to their highest level-compt # 65084 26apr2008, unresolved- do not seem to be bothered about the product performance, service quality or maitaining loyal customer relations. Under the circumstances, May be the all potential and present philips customers should get beware and brand hop in search of better products and service?


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