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Location: Pearl Enterprises LLC M-24, Gold Centre Building Mezzanine Floor Deira Gold Souk

URL: http://www.mikura.com/

Category: Business, Finances

My name is jayaprakash balan, i got a job offer from PEARL ENTERPRISES LLC ( mikura pearls) at GOLD SOUQ ,GOLD CENTRE BLG, DEIRA DUBAI through a placement consultant in Kochi CHEMMANUR ACADEMY. I was very happy with this offer, I thought if I got a job in Dubai I can support my family in a better way even though I had a good job in kochi . I agreed on their condition of taking me to Dubai on a visiting visa and once I reach Dubai they will convert my visiting visa into a job visa. I believed their words and paid Chemmanur Academy 42,000/- as service charge. And I had to shell out money for plane tickets

Employer took me to Dubai on a visiting visa , after reaching Dubai they put in a very shabby and indecent apartment with 10 people sharing a single room and a toilet ,They took my passport the same day I landed in dubai , I was offered a job of a sales executive ,but I was told to clean table and do all the production works (jeweler cleaning , tagging etc ) , the lady(Dharani Karani) use to humiliate me .she will humiliate all the staff , I have never seen a ruthless lady in my whole life her her husband Chetan Karani also enjoyed in doing the same . Dharani Karani once ordered me clean all widows of the showroom pick up her vegetables and household items, ,she use to treat all the staff as slaves , they use to make us cry for the salary it was give on 4 th or 5 th of every month .I was never send to market to do sales ,they kept me engaged in productions job and told to help the production guys . When I protested I was send back to India with out any prior intimation evening I was told to leave and next day afternoon, I was in India. I didnt get any time to respond or arrange for a new visa. I lost lot of money I gave room advances which I lost ,while sending me back they insulted me like a dog ,they didnt provide me with Air ticket it was cut from my salary . I lost somewhere around 90,000/- in whole episode . one of my colleague Mr. Sathish who was appointed as a senior accountant has similar kind of experience .he decided to leave and come back to India , I was left with nothing I lost my money and my previous job ,I was in a verge of committing suicide . But my father any family members consoled me,

All you job seeker who are been offered a job in mikura pearls, Dubai. Beware; these people are devils, Do a proper enquiry about this company before joining. Otherwise you will be cheated and harassed I am writing this letter so that no other person should have a similar kind of experience. BEWARE OF CHEMMANUR ACADEMY THEY HAVE A OFFICE IN DD MALL ,KADAVANTRA, KOCHI , THESE PEOPLE ARE IN HUMAN THEY UNDERSTAND ONLY THE LANGUAGE OF MONEY .


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