MLhuiller Inc. Market! Market!, Taguig Branch - MLhuiller Branch Manager's Efficiency Falls Short at Five Hundred Pesos

Posted on Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 11:25am CDT by 0eff4c5a

Product: MLhuiller Inc.

Company: MLhuiller Inc. Market! Market!, Taguig Branch

Location: MLhuiller Inc. Market! Market!, Taguig Branch, Fort Bonifacio

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MLhuiller Branch Manager's Efficiency Falls Short of Five Hundred Pesos

Either you are a common customer or a businessman transacting for goods or services, it has always been about solutions, not limitations, especially when you claim to be the branch manager of a known establishment. If you aim to provide professional service or last long in the market chain of competing companies who could provide better services than yours, you should at least be sensitive to your consumers than in imposing your policies down their throats so you could dole out more money from their pockets.

But the MLhuiller Branch Manager that night, quarter to 9:00 o'clock p.m. of 22nd July 2008, tuesday has her dignity coming down short of (Php500.oo) five hundred pesos.

When I was just about to approach her one meter from her window which was vacant, right away she gave me a forestalling look and in a tired, no-nonesense voice said, "Wait for your name to be called." Awesome preamble to receive after a hard day of following up my sister's birth certificate in the National Statistics Office (NSO) for her NCLEX requirements!

Earlier that day I went to NSO to apply for another three (3) copies of my sister's birth certificate. My instructions were to mail it to her in Legazpi, Albay ASAP. I called mother who was in Aklan to send the Php500.oo for the fee via MLhuiller Kwarta Padala. Mom texted back through cellular phone the control number (or "KPTN") so as to claim the money at MLhuiller Branch, Market! Market!, Fort Bonifacio in Taguig where I am nearby staying and working. In her text message, mother was so confident that I would get it without so much a fuzz - because I got the KPTN.

But that's not what happened when I came to MLhuiller (Market! Market! Branch). Already, by her first response at seeing me, I could tell that this woman or "Branch Manager" or whatever she claim she was deserves ANOTHER JOB than this. When she said right away for me to wait for my name to be called at first glance, I could not help to look over my shoulder.

What does she mean by that? Wala pa akong sinasabi sa kanya. I haven't filled up any form yet or even told her what I came for? My temper begun building up: the gall of this woman to later justify in front of the Customer Service agent that she got work to do! We all have our day. Is this how they treat their customer here?!

Buti na lang lumingon ako. I saw the sleepy guard at the side with the forms in front of him where I have to fill up the sender and recepient's information to get the money for my sister.

Check this out: SIGNING OUT FORMS that ask for your name, your number, your sender??s number, her maiden name, middle name and all that shit. And for what? Security reasons? Let me tell you: I signed the Mlhuiller Form duly and, when later it failed its purpose, I kept my form just for remembrance. Watch this: when I passed it over the window the ??Branch Manager?? didn??t even look at it. She asked for my identification card instead and question the validity of my GAP (Gymnastics Association of the Philippines) membership card signed by the PSC (Philippine Sports Commission).

I told her it didn??t sound that complicated when I got my instructions. I have KPTN a.k.a. THEIR Control Number. AND I DULY SIGNED MY FORM. AND I HAVE I.D..

But this ??Branch Manager?? was more busy enumerating HER policies and HER company??s security requirements than hearing me out. She was saying that OTHER BRANCHES OF MLHUILLER might be lenient, but not HER TAGUIG BRANCH. I explained to her the hard day I??ve been through for her to make so much of a fuzz just for five hundred pesos. She insulted me by saying, ??Well, if you??re so insistent, why don??t you think of ANOTHER WAY??? I was thinking, humihingi ba ng ??pantulak?? ??to? Some ??under the table?? money?

My patience took its toll. My sister??s future was at stake here and this Mlhuiller ??Branch Manager?? has the gall to treat me like a dog, insulting me to my face and putting me in a humiliating situation just for five hundred pesos. I could not help shouting out with her which she seemed glad to join in. And when I had enough feeling of talking to an incompassionate wall, I resolved fighting for my right as a consumer/customer to the Mall Administration Office at the top floor of the Mall. Even to DTI if need be.

I was referred to Concierge, the Market! Market! Customer Service at the First Floor. A capable agent ushered me back to Mlhuiller to settle us. She heared our both sides out and I was satisfied at the way she impartially handled things out. I asked the ??Branch Manager?? her name: she would not give it. Ang bastos! While I was away, she even made a patch-up story with her sleepy security guard na nagwala daw ako. But they could not show anything broken and came out liars in front of another guard and spectators who came. They were insisting on their policies that I know nothing of except that was posted requirements at their window. I told them they should keep up to their policy. BUT I AM A CUSTOMER TRANSACTING BUSINESS! And they have stiff rules that could not cater to timely needs not even selfishly mine!

I was very angry. She did not release the five hundred pesos. I have to call my mother back home in Aklan to pull back the money and try the NSO Hotline Delivery instead. It costed us more than one thousand pesos plus the humiliating experience.

Ask me what I want to accomplish.

I want that ??Branch Manager?? fired.


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