First Texas Homes - First Texas Homes Warranty Issue

Posted on Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 9:42am CDT by d4b5b355

Product: Brentwood Model

Company: First Texas Homes

Location: 2221 E. Lamar Blvd
Arlington, TX, 76006, US


Category: Other

I built a home with First Texas which we closed on 3/2007. I began to experience problems with my AC units within the first month. Multiple visits were required in 2007 to replace parts and fill up the freon. In June 2008 I began to experience problems again. Again multiple visits were required however this time the amount of time to correct the problem was over a month. The underlying problem wound up being a leak in the coils in the upstairs furnace, a leak in the AC unit outside due to poor welding during a prior warranty request, and the units being connected improperly. The 5 ton unit was connected to the 4 ton furnace causing the coils to freeze up, and the 4 ton AC unit being connected to the 5 ton unit. After repeated questions to the builder about whether the units were misconfigured and them saying that nothing was wrong I finally got one the technicians to admit that the units were configured improperly and finally address the issue. Although expenses for the repairs were covered First Texas refuses to reimburse the additional electrical expenses incurred during the last two billing cycles. My average KW usage for the last 1yr plus was 1000-1200KW/month, and as a result of the AC problems it spiked to 4000KW/month. That basically triplicated my bill. I just received a letter from First Texas indicating that they do not reimburse for electrical bills due to HVAC issues. For some reason this doesn't seem fair since it was their guys that were responsible for all of the AC problems. A BBB complaint has been submitted and currently pursuing this through legal representation. Beware that this doesn't happen to you.


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b6eafc90, 2009-10-14, 02:37PM CDT

I closed on a Brentwood home around the same time 02/2007. I am very disappointed in the workmanship. There was a leak from an upstairs bathroom that has damaged the sheetrock in my living room! I called the builder and they say plumbing problems are only covered for 2 years. I am very angry granted that I paid 250+K for my house. The plumbing problem was inside the sheetrock, so there is no telling how long it had been leaking. It is horrible.

076a7fb1, 2014-02-01, 01:38PM CST

we closed our house last April 2013 in Garland, Dallas. The address is 941 Myers meadow Garland in Dallas. Our patio have some cracks noticed and also cracks on the top of the master bed room. The front door lock is not working properly. our garage have some cracks and the light system is not working properly. The stair case rails are loose and making noise.Two bathrooms cant lock correctly because the edges are chipped. One of the in front of the house look dead. Please fix these problems immediately.

Thank you

Jolly Johnson

Kevin H., 2015-10-22, 06:24PM CDT

Wood fence was constructed with wood that is infected with some form of Larvae that is completely destroying the fence. I had a house built at Ridgeview Panther Creek. There is a major issue with my fence. I've been working with your warranty team even to the point of having Mr. Creyer, the head of warranty, out at my house on 10/22/2015. My pest control company provided a letter to First Texas Homes explaining that my yard has been treated since the time I moved into the house and that based on their professional opinion, they believe that there is a larvae that is eating the wood from the inside out. I find this very possible as First Texas Homes came out and replaced all of the affected pickets several months ago. I thought this was the end of this issue. However, I noticed that same type of damage started occurring on many other places in the wood. Now the First Texas Warranty Team have come out and identified approximately 57 new pickets to be replaced. Their theory is that this is not new damage which makes absolutely no sense. If this damage existed previously as the warranty team states, then the wood pickets would have been replaced during the first round of picket replacement. This is absolutely new damage. Therefore, replacing the currently affected pickets will not resolve the underlying problem as was proved in the first round of picket replacements. First Texas Homes is unwilling to replace the entire fence with wood that is unaffected and of good quality. Their attempting to do patch work to a much larger problem. As I stated they have already attempted picket replacement and the problem arises on other pickets.Some of the pickets that were not identified by the warranty have now started to degrade.

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