Charter Communications Screws Up

Posted on Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 11:31am CDT by db87cc7b

Product: Charter Business

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Location: Worcester, MA, 01608, US

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On July 18th 2008, Charter was expected to install a Business Class internet connection line. On that date, the technician arrived at 8 oclock and began work installing a coax cable to my office. For the next 4 1/2 hours I was in my office waiting for the guy to finish and then kicked him out since it was taking so long. During that time, the company was having a cookout and no one was available to provision the connection. Apparently they were able to find someone but they did not know what to do, in the end, the cable modem was on the internet unprotected so long that it got hacked and charter was no longer able to work with it.

For the last 4 days I have been trying to get a hold of someone at charter to explain to me what happened. Time and time again I was told to wait for a call, the only call i got was a call saying they would call. Now it is 4 days later and no cable internet service, no idea what is going on and no one at customer service wants to talk to me about it.


bd776a96, 2012-09-13, 11:34PM CDT

I live in Hadley, Massachuetts. And I and others who live in this apartment complex all use Charter Communications. And a lot of times Character looses there connections to the telephone service as well as television as will to Internet.You could be doing something like watching Television- or talking on the telephone or even using the internet and Boom! you have lost all connections from Charter Communications. Yet, Character says when they come to exam it. That the lines are messed up with there service. Yet! the line people who work for Charter Communications has done nothing to repair the situation but the tech told us. They report this to there Supervisor by voice- reports papers- messages. Yet the Supervisors do nothing for the problem at hand. And make it like oh, its no big deal. I have never seen a business as large as Charter Communication not care about issues like this one. Seems the only thing they care about is the (MONEY) they receive monthly. Shame Charter Communications is not a good service provider and cares less about the customers they have.

bd776a96, 2012-09-14, 01:42PM CDT

Well,Mr. Employee.Then fix the issues everybody is complaining about if your able. I doubt it since my issue has been turned over to your supervisor and somebody even went beyond the supervisors head and still the issue has not been resolved in the problems just alone in Hadley, Massachuetts. You have a lot of businesses alone angred with Charter Communications Not counting Residential establishments. You talk big here and think or feel you alone can make waves alone to do things to resolve the issues. But your a little spoke in a giant wheel and can't really do nothing. The issue lies in the lines outside the premises and that is why we are losing signals from Charter Communications. Yet, Charter Communications knows the issue lies in the signal in the outside lines. But is anything getting done about the issue??? Nope! They all ignore Paperwork- Messages- E-Mails sent to them by the employees of the Charter Communications saying to there supervisors what the problem is. And the Supervisors ignore al issues andsit on there behind and do absolutely nothing. So quit Testifying saying you can deal with this issue because I think personally your full of hot air and can't do nothing. A old saying is action is louder then words. And you do a lot of talking with words. Your like Pres. Barrack Husein Obama. Now he is a man who is all talk and shows no actions! Prove to all of us. You can walk the walk and talk the talk by fixing these problems. For your reference. I had a business. And If I didn't do the work correctly or did it the way indicated. I most likely would of loss a account of that business I was hired for. All I am doing is just telling you the facts is all. If you can't except the truth. Then stay off here. Because these people will eat you alive in telling you the facts. Maybe the CEO needs to know what is going on in your business andthat they have slackers working for there Business Huh????

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