Allstate Motor Club is NOT worth the money they charge

Posted on Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 6:01am CDT by 94c14027

Company: Allstate Motor Club is NOT worth the money they charge

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July 24, 2008

Yesterday I called Allstate Motor Club to get my car towed.? Why I continue to do business with Allstate is beyond me.? They have been more unreliable, than they have reliable.

I was told by the representative that it would take TWO HOURS for a tow truck to tow my car.? Why I don't know.? When I told the representative that I could wait two hours she told me I didn't have to stay in my car, just leave the key in it.? That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.? I have tools in my car, a car radio and other valuable things.? Leaving my keys in my car is like saying, "Take whatever you want, I don't care."

For the second time in a year, I was left with leaving my car and trying once again today to see if I can get it towed threw Allstate.? If not, I will find someone else to tow it, pay for it, turn the claim into Allstate and then cancel what's left of my membership.? There has to be a more reliable towing service available somewhere but Allstate Motor Club isn't it.

I was given a discount off the regular price of the Club plan because I complained last year after having to abandon my car at a super market because after TWO hours in HOT weather and promise after promise that someone would be coming to tow my car in half an hour, I left the car and got a ride home.? Oh, I shoudn't forget how I was conveniently disconnected more than once and also put on hold over and over again even after telling them that I was on my CELL PHONE and my cell phone was going to die from trying to get service from Allstate.

Their excuse in the end for such poor service was that they were "updating" their system.? What exactly that meant, I don't know, but I guess I was suppose to wait in my car in over 90 degree weather for a tow truck that in the end was never going to arrive.

The next morning I called Allstate and made arrangements to have the car towed while still home.? I was not about to drive all the way to the super market and wait for nothing.? This time I told them I would be at the car when the tow truck was suppose to arrive and it had better be there.? Fortunately, it was.

Allstate gave me a discount, but their service still stinks.? After all the years of doing business with them I am finding I am going to have to start carrying emergency cash and rely on myself to get a tow when I break down.

Allstate Motor Club is nothing but a big waste of money.


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a7bdbdb0, 2008-09-10, 12:36AM CDT

I worked for the company and I can answer most of your questions here.

First a two hour ETA is common during nights and Rush Hour or if you live in a small town. Before an Allstate ERS Rep accepts a two hour ETA he or she must SEARCH THE ENTIRE SURROUNDING AREA to see if someone else could come out sooner.

We'd literally search 90 miles out sometimes too see if someone could come to you. If you can't wait, hey thats your fault for being impatient. Know that other people are being towed and regardless who your with someone is not going to come straight to you.

However keep in mind, sometimes towers will lie to allstate and tell them they have no one ava or give them a long ETA because Allstate doesn't pay them that well to do the job.

Let's face it, gas has gone up and they have contracted rates for some companies to be towed 2.50 a mile plus five free miles.

So if you were one of the many people who bought a crappy plan from the Allstate Insurance Company and that you pay pennies for to add on the towing coverage which covers you for 50.00 don't be suprised if that doesn't get you far but note once you go over, it then switches to that towers own rates which can be six or seven dollars a mile.

So a tower will literally come out to you faster or tell you yes when they lied to us because your going to be paying more and out of your pocket. They get their money from the motor clubs every couple of months or so depending on the jobs they did.

Also many people do leave the keys with the vechile and if your impatient and don't want to wait and think your the King of England then leaving your keys might be an option. Note, you cannot get your car towed without your keys or your car will have serious damage.

No matter who you go with, they still have to call the same towers, and same people in your area. If you go to someone else and they have to call out then yeah you'll deal with the same thing. No matter WHO YOU GO TOO.

Also the Motor Club Rep cannot hang up with you. He or she will get fired, they are all monitered every week so yeah everything they do is mointered.

And believe me, the reps don't like staying on the line for an half hour or more when the guy on the other end is being a complete jerk.

Oh you don't like to be put on hold for long times, what do you think they are doing when they put you on hold? Finding you service! Did you know each and every minute we are on the phone with you, our call time goes up?

Do you know what this means? This hurts our performance and if we stay on a call long enough that affects everything and people can be fired if there average call is 8 minutes longer or more.

Also, the Motor Clubs keeps you on hold for another reason and does not want to disconnect with you. It's called ACW (Average Call Waiting) that means it makes them look like the are not on a call and doing nothing and each and every minute they are in ACW that can affect their performance and maybe get them fired.

Also you should always have cash or credit on hand. Depending on where you are at, your state or what not there may be laws where the motor club cannot tow from a certain location. Such as the Turn Pike or Thruways in New York and New Jeresy and this is mainly because those state and local goverments use that to make more money by you using their services.

What you need sir is patience, and you need to understand there are others waiting just like you and understand those reps you spoke to well you were on hold and each time you called where doing their best to find you service. Remember each call they do they are mointered and graded weekly so they are doing what they are trained but having you on the line being an asshole doesn't help when all they are trying to do is help you!

301f8fab, 2008-10-31, 10:06AM CDT

First let me say that i am a tow truck operator and while your situation sounds bad realy it is the norm. with most motor clubs but not because of the motor clubs it is because of the tow operators that contract for them theay take the contract for a price that theay will not work for and then when the motor club calls the tower theay give an ETA that sucks or say theay don't have a truck avaiable but theay do this just enough to not loose the contract all in an attempt to get you upset at the motor club so you will stop using them and start calling the tower directly even though there are towers that would take these contracts and service them without delay or excuses the bad ones keep them tied up all just to make it to much of a hassle for you to deal with the motor clubs should the motor clubs pay more yes but as a tower when you accept these contracts at a set price you should service them as though your own mother were calling for a tow

4a57f426, 2009-07-18, 08:53PM CDT


I TOTALLY AGREE! I called for a tow and was told my account was suspended, I used all my tows up! What a lie!

I'm crippled, was in near 100 degree weather broke down on the side of the road. I was on the phone with them for close to 1 hour being transferred to 5 different agents, who kept telling me the same thing!

According the the Allstate Motor Club contract I have with them I'm allowed THREE TOWS. I knew I'd used ONLY 2 of the tows for other family members and I had 1 left.

I ended up getting extremely sick from "Heat Exhaustion" (live in Florida) My son arrived on the scene, got on the phone with Allstate and DEMANDED they name & date the "so called" 3 tows. THEY COULDN'T! They could only acknowledge 2 actual recorded & dated tows!

So they had to come & tow my vehicle. My son was furious they'd done this to me & was extremely upset at how upset & sick I got from this incident with them!


8824e0a4, 2009-07-31, 09:11AM CDT

Is everyone on this page illiterate? How about some spelling, people? Good God!

900a117f, 2009-10-02, 06:20PM CDT

I put in a claim for a tow and they declained it with telling me

22908c9f, 2009-12-18, 04:58PM CST

I read the comment from the Allstate employee saying all car road services are like this.

All I can say is, that certainly has not been my experience as an AAA-plus member. Never in the many years I've belonged have I ever had to wait for two hours and I have generally had reasonable, polite reps on the telephone.

Unfortunately, I now have to switch to Allstate Motor Club, because if I don't buy an additional allstate product to my homeowners insurance, my rate goes up by $600. oh well.

a55a6a5a, 2010-02-09, 12:45PM CST

Waited 4 hours for allstate after they said 2 hours. After waiting 4 hours I called back in they told me I wasnt even in there system so I had to resubmit all my info and wait another 2 hours.

a4804146, 2010-03-02, 02:39PM CST

THEY ARE A BIG RIPOFF!!!! They debit your account and state they have the uthority to do that according to the "handbook", plus the representatives I talked to, and that includes the supervisor, cannot speak English clear enough nor can they pronounce cities and names correctly! What the H*%#@? I am going to report them to the BBB and whoever I can. Their service absolutlely sucks! The wait times are incredible and I DO NOT BUY the excuses that fellow gave abouth service times. It is not altogether true what he said. The towing companies have been great and HONEST. They have let us know they only got the call 45 to 60 minutes before they arrived! And I know these guys and know they are telling the truth! Everyone should boycott Allstate! We certainly are Not "IN GOOD HANDSS!"

ea1fdb95, 2010-03-15, 02:45PM CDT

The people that work at the Alstate motor club are a bunch of liars, and this place is a big rip off.

I had a problem with getting my car started so i called them up, they couldn't get the car to jumpstart

so they told me to call back the service and they will send over a tow. I called back on the phone the

lady specifically told me that I wasnt paying for the tow there or back, and that my car was getting

towed to pepboys for a FREE diagnostics. She reassured me I WOULDNT be paying for ANYTHING unless I

wanted to pay to get whatever was wrong with the car fixed. I made sure i wasnt paying for anything

before i got the tow sent there. Because if it did cost money I would of just left the car at my house

where it was. I finally called pepboys two days later and they told me the car needed a new engine, that

wasn't worth getting because it cost more then the car was worth. So I called back allstate to have my

car towed back to my house, they sent out a tow, and then I had received a call when they got to pepboys

saying i couldn't get my car back until i paid over 100$ for a diagnostics I had done, which is ridiciulous

because the representative for allstate that answered my phone call told me I wasnt paying for anything.

I called up to talk to a supervisor who told me " YOU SHOULD OF READ THE HANDBOOK" and that it was a

mistake for the representative to tell me that I wouldn't be paying for anything, he told me he would

investigate it and call me back later today. I NEVER received a call back so I called again the next day,

spoke with someone else who said that would investigate it also and call me back. For 4 days now

I've been calling allstate, not ONE person returned my call. My car has been stuck at pepboys for

over a week now. ALLSTATE motorclub, is the biggest rip off ever. and im about to cancel my membership.

a7601905, 2010-09-22, 10:11AM CDT

Allstate? "WARNING!" "LISTEN" ITS A BUNCH OF CRAP!. I have "TWO HANDICAPPED PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF" here. SO , I got there So-Called "PREMIUM PLAN". Unlimited? , BULL!. I got a tow three times in a year and "EVERY TIME" I had to wait for hours in my car to get service. Also Every time they came on the phone and wanted me to pay for the tow , and then re-emburse me later.? Hmmmm. I thought I was paying for there "PREMEUM" "UNLIMITED" package EVERY MONTH! Then I got a letter saying that "THEY WERE CANCELING MY MEMBERSHIP" ???. WHAT??? , WHY ? . Because I used it too much the letter said. "USED MY "PREMIUM" , BEST THEY GOT , "UNLIMITED" MEMBERSHIP TOO MUCH"???. Well here is what I wrote to them ,with "NO RESPONSE FROM THEM , "OF COURSE!"

About your ,so called" "MONEY BACK" GUARANTEE. I got your best "NO LIMIT" plan , That was "TOTAL JUNK" and was treated like "TOTAL CRAP!" I Want "ALL" my money back now! I am about to get ahold of the BBB , and also make it VERY public on the E and local News chanels media about what you did to me. P.S. I Do NOT want to here about your "FINE PRINT" on the policy EITHER" Im goiing to be saving this letter ,along with all imformation I got from you ,and my policy for future use. You WILL See!

Thanks For Taking away from my "Handicapped" Family!

,Brock Howard

a7601905, 2010-09-22, 10:27AM CDT


Here is "ALLSTSTES WRITTEN ANSWER" to my question.

Copy and paste answer "FROM THEM" out of my mailbox.


Dear Mr. Howard,

We are in receipt of your email and would like to thank you for writing.

Even though there is no specific limit to the amount of claims a member

is allowed to have with the Platinum Elite Plan, we do state in our

Membership Guide, "The Motor Club may cancel a membership during a

membership period for any of the following reasons:

1. Failure to pay the membership dues;

2. Material misrepresentations or fraudulent submission of a

request for reimbursement; or

3. Excessive* use of the benefits and services we offer. If we

decide to cancel or not renew a membership, we will send the member at

the address listed in our membership records, prior written notice

indicating our reasons.

*Excessive use is determined by, among other considerations, the length

of membership, the number and/or dollar amounts of claims submitted, and

the type of membership."

You have been a member since April 1, 2009 and have used the Emergency

Road Service benefit six times totaling $522.74.

Allstate Motor Club reviews the claim activity of all our members on a

regular basis. Occasionally, we must give up some business that we

might genuinely wish we could retain. Our goal is to provide excellent

service at a cost acceptable to our customers. Unfortunately, if a

member has excessive use of our product's benefits, our balance between

service and price is lost and we must terminate the membership.

I hope this letter explains the reasoning behind our company's policy.

Allstate Motor Club, Inc. makes every attempt to retain membership dues

at a competitive level and we are always sorry to have to lose a member.


Lynn Lundgren

Customer Relations

Allstate Roadside Services

8950a96b, 2010-12-02, 07:49AM CST

By far the worst thing. I pay them and do all the work. I found my own help twice.They wouldnt reimburse me. They lost my paper work, then by the time they found it and mailed it to me....then they said it was expired and i would not be reimbursed. And good luck talking to someone from the US. They are all in India and you cant understand any of them!

5c3e09c6, 2010-12-09, 09:50AM CST

I'm a retired Allstate employee and I too had a problem getting road service. I was at my second home in Sag Harbor, NY and had to return to my primary residence. At 10:00 PM I called the Allsate Motor Club and told them I needed a jump start due to a discharged battery. I was told that someone would be out in 45 minutes. An hour later I called them again and was told that it wouldn't be much longer and they would contact the service provider and have them call me. I waited for approximately 45 minutes and called Allstate again. I was told that help was on the way. I called them several more times and finally asked them for the name and telephone number of the company they sent and where they were located. It turns out that they gave me the name and number of a locksmith more than an hour away from my location. I asked Allstates employee why they were sending a locksmith for a battery problem and was told that this company could provide the service I needed and that they had left a message for the driver to call me. By now It was 2:00 AM and I called the service company direct. Apparently I woke someone up They told me that they were locksmiths and did not provide any other service. Now I was really pissed off. I called Allstate again and was told to find someone to jump start my vehicle and send them the bill. I was told if it was reasonable thye would pay it. I aked them what they considered reasonable but they refused to answer. We decided to say to hell with Allstate and go to bed. The next morning I had to cancel an important appointment. In the morning I called a friend who brought jumper cables and we started my vehicle. All I can say is stick it up U.S. Allstate Motor Club. You collected my money and failed to provide the service you promised. In my opinion you're a useless ripoff.

ca380e4a, 2010-12-13, 09:51AM CST

wow you use a motor club that hires tow company with pay so low it barely covers the fuel and driver pay to get the job done. and then want to cry about it . It cost 85,000 for average tow truck 7,000 to 8,000 per year to insure the truck around 36,000 salary for driver not to include phones uniforms and fuel cost at 3.00 per gallon of diesel fuel average truck gets 8 miles to a gallon . motor club pays tow company average 32.50 for a tow want fast responce call truck your self pay a regular tow rate 75.00 to 85.00 for 10 mile or less tow.

37153b9e, 2011-03-22, 09:33AM CDT

I have been a member of Allstate Motor Club for many, many years. It has DEFINITELY been worth the money!

I have been towed, keys retrieved from both my house and my car, and always have received prompt attention.

Sorry for those who did not receive better service, but Allstate Motor Club has been one of the better service-oriented companies than many othres I have dealt with by far!

e1d797c3, 2012-09-21, 12:56AM CDT

I highly suggest Motor Club of America my friend, I only waited 30mins they followed up to make sure everything was ok and everything. I am truly proud to be a member. Check out their rates

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