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Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 at 3:58am CDT by 78be330b

Product: DATA CARD

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Location: IN

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I had disconnected my reliance data card (09322291704) on 18-Apr-08. For this, I went to the reliance web world Vashi (Only to give my application for disconnection I took 2 HOURS). I gave them a written application about disconnection of data card, which they accepted. I also cleared all the outstanding dues by paying through the credit card then and there, at reliance web world, Vashi.

After a week or so I received calls for reliance verifying whether I want to disconnect. I told them that I want to discontinue with immediate effect. I also stopped using the data card service from 18-Apr-08.

The on 13-May-08 I received a bill of Rs.36 of the same number which I had disconnected on 18-Apr-08. It was only taxes, so I dutifully paid the bill on 21-May-08.

Then suddenly on 13-June I receive another bill of Rs. 449. IT HAD NO USAGE CHARGES, only rentals and taxes. Well, this bill has made life hell for me.

Your customer care has called me up a million times for the non payment of the bill, whereas I have already disconnected the service on 18-Apr-08.

I have registered the complaint to the customer care. Whenever I tell them that I have already disconnected the service, they say they have not received any such request. And when I place the request for disconnection, the next time I check the same, it has been miraculously changed into something else(Like: I have registered the complaint for slow speed, high rentals or even changing for post-paid to prepaid). I have been even harassed to the extent that the reliance employee has come to my house to ask for outstanding dues, which I do not owe.

I have already paid dutifully all the legitimate charges. But even after this, I am being billed for the service which I have not availed, on various pretexts from your side. As informed to you that my data card was already disconnected on 18.04.08.

If this was not all, I then received a bill of Rs. 949 on 13-July too, which also DID NOT HAVE ANY USAGE CHARGES. And the same story is still going on till now. I AM SURE THAT MY REQUEST IS STILL NOT UPDATED BY THE INCOMPETENT STAFF AND SYSTEM OF RELIANCE MOBILE.

Please help me out and stop sending the bill to me and please see that nobody calls me or visits my house for non payment of the bill for the already disconnected service.

Shomil Bansal


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